It’s a Blog!

Given the massive amounts of polish I’ve managed to accumulate during the last year, I’ve decided to finally put in the effort and start a blog.

About me: I am still relatively new to the polish world and am completely inspired by all of the amazing women I have met through polish. I’ve already made some really wonderful friends and look forward to meeting more people. I’m definitely a nail art newbie, so I am in awe of some of the incredible artists and nail art bloggers I’ve seen. The things people are able to create with polish are almost unbelievable.

About the blog: This will be primarily geared towards Julep polish and beauty products, but I’m interested in and will discuss other brands on occasion as well. I’m always interested in people’s thoughts and comments, and am happy to answer any questions as well. As I build the blog, I’ll definitely create an FAQ post for questions that pop up a lot (if any do) and maybe an about me section. I’m  new to blogging, so we’ll see what happens.

About the collection: My Julep collection, or the monstrosity, as I’ve lovingly named it, consists of every Julep color, which is currently just over 700. There are a few where I’m still looking for a specific bottle or a bottle that has the name label , but it is complete. I have swatched every color and do my best to provide swatch comparisons whenever requested. I don’t have the time or memory to thank everyone who has helped me build this, but a huge thanks goes out to all of you!

Okay, that’s it for now. Hopefully this blog will be taking shape a lot more over the next few weeks, and I’ll try to start posting regularly and building content as I go.

All the best,



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