Why I Love Julep

While most of my blog will try to feature swatches, reviews, and comparisons, I’m still getting up and running. I thought it might be good to start with a post explaining why I like Julep so much and what got me started. I’ll create another post explaining why I ended up with such a big collection.

I first discovered Julep from an online ad, while they were running a promotion to get your first box for free (just pay shipping). For $3, I figured it was a great opportunity to try some beauty products. This does sign you up for the subscription, but you are free to cancel at any time, and it was very clearly stated in the agreement. Some people are really upset about this, but it’s pretty clear. It’s not Julep’s fault if you didn’t read the fine print (which was not that small). ANYWAY, I really enjoyed the quality of the products I received, so I decided to keep the subscription.

This led to some perusing of the site, and eventually buying some mystery boxes. It was during the holidays, with box with $150 value in products for only $25- a great deal! I ended up buying two and gifting a number of the products, which my family also really enjoyed. They do a mystery box every month, with varying value, and it’s a great deal, especially for people who are just starting out and don’t have a lot of products.

So, why do I like the Julep products so much? There are a number of reasons:

  • Julep supports women. A portion of their sales goes to organizations that empower women. You can read about it on their blog, here.
  • Julep has such a positive beauty attitude. They emphasize that “Beauty is about connection, not competition,” and in 2015 launched Brave Pretty, which is about making pretty your own, being true to yourself, and trying new things. You can read about Brave Pretty here.
  • Their products are very high quality- they have staying power, they work well, and it’s a great value for the money, especially since they have frequent sales and always have coupon codes available. They’re also really easy to use- a lot of the products are one step and out the door, which I love!
  • Most products are very natural and many are vegan (not all, but Julep can provide a list of which ones are not, I believe). While I’m not a vegan, nor am I organic-only, I try to take advantage of any opportunity to put less chemicals into my body. Buying natural beauty products is a really easy way to do that.
  • Julep is cruelty free. No matter how you feel about animal testing, the reality is that it’s just not needed to bring safe products to market, can be very cruel, and isn’t always accurate, as animals and people are different. So why do it?
  • Their customer service is so responsive and really helpful. I think they go above and beyond what most would do and are very generous about replacing products.

I’m sure there are more reasons why I like the brand, but these are the big selling points for me. Is Julep perfect? No, but neither am I. They’re a brand that really resonates with me and I’m always excited to see what they’ll be doing next.

If you want to know more about Julep, please check out their About Page and their FAQ Page for more information.



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