Julep January 2016: New Year, Fresh Look


The New Year, Fresh Look Collection included:

  • 9 nail colors, 2 of which are back from the vault
  • 4 new It’s Balm lip crayon colors
  • No Limits Luxe Hydrating Creme (re-release of luxe care hand creme with less fragrance and new packaging)

My monthly reviews will be of the polish colors. Some months I do get the other products, and will try to post reviews of those separately when I do. This month I decided to go with a PLU. This is my first time reviewing and sharing photos, so I know they’re not quite as polished as they could be, and my nails are still recovering from the beating they took over the holidays. I’m okay with it. Hopefully they’ll get better over time and I’ll be better at taking high quality, well-lit photos. Tips and suggestions are alway welcome.

I also plan to do a second collection post each month comparing the new colors to similar ones in the Julep catalog. Hopefully this will be a helpful thing, so if there are any color comparisons you’d love to see in that post, please comment, and I’ll try to include as many as I can.

On to the polishes, which I will be reviewing in numbered order:


Mariah (1) is the first polish of 2016, Classic with a Twist. It’s described as plum eclipse microshimmer. Mariah is a great true purple and didn’t really seem to lean too far red or blue. It probably has a touch more blue.

This is two coats of Mariah. The formula was easy to work with (not too thick, not too thin) and had full coverage in just two coats. You can definitely see the shimmer and it has a rich, royal purple color. This will be a good one for blurple fans.


Janie (2) is the first Wonder Maven color for 2016. Janie is described as whisper pink sheer crème. It’s a very soft, barely there pink that would make a good go-to french manicure color.

Janie dried pretty quickly, and had nice coverage in two coats. I though one coat was a little too sheer, but it really depends on what kind of look you are going for. This isn’t a color I see myself using, but it’s definitely a solid, barely pink color with a good formula. If sheer polishes and nude looks are up your alley, I definitely recommend this one.


Marika (3) is a boho glam, stone matte metallic color. It can probably be included in the silver family, but definitely has some notes of brown. The matte metallic finish is new to Julep as of November 2015. This is the sixth matte metallic color.

I really liked the look of Marika. I am a fan of the matte metallic finish and will definitely be wearing this one. The formula for this one was slightly on the thicker side, but within the range of a normal polish, and an average dry time. I think it could be worn as a classy, sophisticated polish or jazzed up with some glitter.


Shay (4) is a bombshell, celadon iridescent chrome polish. It’s probably the color I was most excited for in this collection, as it has a gorgeous look that reminds me of beach glass. The finish of Shay is very similar to Geena, Liza, and Leona, which are all described as iridescent shimmers. Because of this, I was really nervous about the dry time for using Shay- this has been an issue with other colors of this finish.

This is three very thin coats of Shay. As long as you use thin coats, drying shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but you definitely want to let it really dry in between coats. In terms of color, Shay certainly didn’t disappoint. It’s a stunning sea green with a hint of gold in the reflectiveness. This is my favorite color of the collection.


Joss (5) is also a bombshell color, described as ripe fig duochrome. While it’s a pretty color, I’ve seen a lot of purple with a hint of green duochromes, so it’s not a super unique color, in my opinion.

Like most of the colors this month, Joss had great coverage in two coats. It wasn’t as duochrome as I had expected; I was really only able to capture the color shift in my swatch agains the black background. I think fig is definitely an accurate description for this one. While it might not be the most unique polish, it’s a rich, deep color.


Tali (6) is an It Girl polish, and is a glacier breeze linear liquid holographic. Aside from Shay, Tali was the other color I was most excited to see. Julep’s holos are generally not as holo-y as some of the indies I’ve seen, but the color of this one is so gorgeous that I had high hopes.

Tali did not disappoint! I love this pale blue and it’s by far the most holographic of all of Julep’s holographic polishes. I think they’re definitely getting better. I would recommend two coats if you do thin coats for full coverage. Tali dried quickly and was very easy to work with.


Celeste (7) is an It Girl polish, described as cosmic gray iridescent glitter. The glitter has a green hue in the online swatches and the base could best be described as a charcoal tinted base.

Celeste could be used either as a topper or on its own. It took three coats to get full coverage. Celeste had a lot less green tones than I expected; there is some green glitter, but it looks more grey than green. I really like the deep charcoal of the base. The glitter also has hints of gold, orange, blue, and maybe even purple. This color isn’t what I expected, but I can still see this blend of colors appealing to people.


Back from the Vault! Johnny (11) is a Bombshell polish in true black crème. Johnny is a polish that probably deserves its own post (which you can read here). The short version of the story is that Johnny is probably the ultimate Julep unicorn, incredibly hard to find, and a lot of people are very excited to see it back from the vault.

I’ll also note here that for all back from the vault colors, I’ll try to compare them to the original versions in my review post.

Above, new Johnny is on my pinky and ring fingers, and original Johnny is on my middle and index fingers. The swatches to the side are the new polish. You can see that while both are true black, the original is more matte, whereas the new one has a shinier finish. A few more comparison pictures below:

I’m really excited to see Johnny back, and while the color in it of itself isn’t incredibly unique or interesting, it’s a great staple for any collection.


Back from the Vault! Laree (2014, #74) is a bombshell described as golden pink taffeta shimmer. I honestly thought it was a little odd to bring Laree back for January since it’s such a summery color, but I’m glad to see it back, as it’s a really popular color and I know a lot of people will be excited to get their hands on it.

Same as before, new Laree is on my pinky and ring fingers, and original Laree is on my middle and index fingers. The swatches to the side are the new polish. Both are close to identical, but the new Laree has a hint more orange to it. The difference was more noticeable with only one coat. This is two coats of each. Both have a lovely golden shimmer. The new formula was a bit thick, but not unmanageable. The rest of my comparison pictures are below:

Laree is a really pretty color, and while it doesn’t say January to me, you can bet I’ll be using this one when summer rolls around!

Final Thoughts

Even though this collection didn’t really have a strong, clear theme, I really liked a lot of the colors. I know Johhny and Laree will be big crowd favorites, and I think Tali and Shay are both stunning. While not every color is something I see myself using, all had good formulas, reasonable coverage, and seemed to dry well. Overall, a very strong way to start the year.





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