Julep January 2016 Color Comparisons

In addition to reviewing new colors, I thought it would also be helpful to compare these colors to the most similar ones in the existing Julep catalog. If there are any must have comparisons that you don’t see here, please comment below and I’ll try to add them! I’m not going to add too much commentary with this, as I think the photos are pretty much self explanatory.


While Mariah isn’t an exact dupe of any other colors, it’s pretty close in shade to Maggie (although they are different finishes). It was much darker than Heidi, which I originally thought it might be similar to.


Julep has so many nude pinks; just a handful are pictured here. I didn’t include any of the shimmers, such as Zora and Ava, which are also very similar in shade to Janie and Lillian. While you can see that each of these is a different pink, they’re so close that it doesn’t seem new or interesting to me.


While Marika is pretty close to Devon and Marzia, the finish makes it very different. They might all look similar with a glossy topcoat, but with Marika’s matte finish, it’s a unique color.


Shay I found to be a really unique color. Both the finish and the shade, especially with the hint of gold, really seemed unlike anything else Julep has done before.


Joss seems to fall right in between Reece and Patricia. While it’s a hint more purple than Patricia and slightly redder than Reece, they’re all pretty close. Joss and Patricia are also both the same finish.


I noticed once I took pictures that the shade of Tali seemed a bit lighter than other colors I thought would appear more similar. It’s also a lot more holographic than other holos Julep has done, as you can see compared to Tessa (which is also a holo).


I had trouble finding colors to compare Celeste to because it really is different. It leans slightly green, but is multicolor because of the glitter. It’s a blend of colors that hasn’t been done before.


While I’m glad to see Johnny back- it’s a black polish. There are a number of other black Juleps, so I wasn’t expecting this one to be particularly special. New Johnny is very close to Jet, perhaps a bit of a truer black, and original Johnny actually seems very close to Cleopatra, which is a matte black.


In terms of color, Laree is close to Sasha and Gloria. The gold shimmer really makes it stand out, though. I’ve included Jenny as well, which is another pink with gold shimmer, but in a pretty different shade.


I hope these color comparisons are helpful! Please comment if there are any colors I missed that you’d like to see.




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