Matte Mint Mani

I probably should have done Mani Monday, but since I painted my nails on Tuesday, and I’m writing this post on a Thursday, and might not finish it until Friday, maybe next week!

I’m hoping I’ll do at least one creative manicure each week, but since that seems extremely ambitious to me, I’ll shoot for once every 2 weeks and we’ll see what happens. Hopefully the more I do it, the easier it’ll become, and the more frequently I’ll have interesting manis to share.

MatteMintManiColorsThis week, I decided to do what I suppose you could call an ombre or gradient mani, but simplified by putting one color on each nail, rather than putting a complete gradient on each nail.

For this mani, I used, from light to dark, Mystery Green, Dianna (mint green crème), Denver (seafoam green créme), Shelly (wintermint crème), and Susie (muted mint green crème). I started with mystery green on my thumbs, and worked my way out from there.

All of these colors are considered cremes, except for maybe Mystery Green, which was more naturally matte. Mystery green was easy to work with but you can tell the formula is getting old- it changed color and looked greener (and less teal) the longer I wore it. MatteMintMani3Denver, Dianna, and Shelly all went on pretty much the same. Good consistency of polish, didn’t take too long to dry, and had full coverage in 2 coats. Susie was more frustrating- I thought it was a little thin, and didn’t quite provide the coverage I’m used to with most Juleps. I ended up adding a third coat of Susie before finishing off with a top coat.

I probably should have taken a picture before I put top coat on, to show how shiny these cremes were on their own, but I forgot. Sorry! I decided to use a matte topper with this mani. I have a lot of very positive things to say about Julep’s Matte Top Coat. I get really long life out of manicures using this top coat, and feel it really adds a durable layer and a different look to any manicure. It still dries quickly, and doesn’t seem to have too much formula thickening as you use up a bottle, which is one of my criticisms of some of Julep’s other top coats.

Here are two more shots of my mint mani. I took these photos the day after I painted my nails. I did actually put a small chip in Susie (pinky), but otherwise they looked like this for several days. I definitely enjoyed having the different colors, without having to put in time for nail art (which I love, but don’t always have time for). This is a great simple way to make a manicure a little more interesting.





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