Julep Tote-ally Amazing Mystery Box (January 2016)

This review is not as timely as it could be, as I waited until pretty late in the mystery box window to order mine. I usually order the first day they’re available, but this time I waited for spoilers.

Every month, usually between the 7th and the 15th, Julep releases a themed mystery box. Most boxes are $25 for at least $100 in retail value of products, although sometimes boxes cost more, or have a higher value. Sometimes there is only one box, sometimes there is more than one. The mystery box is always the debut of two new polishes. Julep usually promises there will be no overlap in products if there are multiple variations, other than the new colors. Sometimes one of the new colors is in one box, the other color in another box. Other times, both polishes are in all versions of the box.

This month was the Tote-ally Amazing Mystery Box, which had three different versions. Each version came with a different tote, featuring phrases in different colors from Julep’s Brave Pretty initiative. The tote options were: Makeup the RulesIf You Can Put It On, You Can Pull It Off, and Fun Looks Good on Everyone. I decided to go with the Makeup the Rules box. Spoilers for the other two are below as well.

Makeup the Rules

My Makeup the Rules box came with my new tote, Posey, Andie, Paris, Lillian, Kayla, Light on Your Lips (lipstick) in Tutu, and a Gel Eye Glider in Smoky Plum. I was pretty pleased with the variety here, and if I didn’t already have the beauty products, this would have been a great way to try them. I was pleased with this box and felt like it had a lot of great products, and good value for $25.

I’m only going to review the new colors in this post. I hope to eventually do reviews of all the polishes and products, but for mystery box reviews, I’ll focus on overall impressions and the new polishes.


I have both good and bad things to say about Andie, which is described as a pastel confetti matte glitter top coat. I was really not excited to see this color in the mystery box. I love the idea of matte glitter toppers, and even multicolor ones, but was disappointed to see pastel peach, pink, and green mixed in with dark blue and bright orange.

Seeing the color in person, I don’t dislike it as much as I thought I would, but I’m still a little disappointed in the blend. I wish they had gone with all pastels. That being said, I was really pleased with the formula used, and impressed with how much glitter they were able to suspend. On my nails here is just one coat, which provides excellent coverage.

I had a hard time choosing colors to compare to Andie, as it really doesn’t compare to most toppers. In looking at swatches, I realized it’s very similar to Max in shape and matte glitter, but obviously quite different in color. Most glitter top coats are sparkly rather than matte, so this was a unique way to change things up.

Overall, I actually really hope Julep makes more of these matte glitter top coats, just in more appealing color schemes.


Posey is described as a lavender fog crème. I think it’s a nice mid-winter shade and hoped it would be different from other colors in the catalog. I love a good creme, so I’m never sad to see a new one when it’s a unique color.

Posey had an excellent formula that can provide full coverage in one thick or two thin coats, depending on your preference. I prefer thin coats, so this is two thin coats pictured. It dried quickly and had the classic shiny creme finish. Overall, a great polish.

Posey is probably closest in shade to Joanna, but has a creme finish compared to Joanna’s shimmer. It is also close to Alexa in shade, although definitely a lighter version. Overall, I was really pleased with Posey and will be glad to add it to my collection.

Other Boxes

If You Can Put It On, You Can Pull It Off

  • Posey and Andie
  • Casey
  • Missy
  • Joy
  • Light on Your Lips in Last Call
  • Gel Eye Glider in Bronze Shimmer

Fun Looks Good On Everyone

  • Posey and Andie
  • Bianca
  • Janice
  • Tyra
  • Light on Your Lips in Stepping Out
  • Gel Eye Glider in Violet Shimmer

Final Thoughts

I really liked that each tote came with at least one harder to find item (Paris, Joy, and the Violet Shimmer eyeliner). Since the boxes didn’t have a theme beyond coming with a tote, I’d say they all hit the mark this time. All in all, each box had good variety, and I was pleased not to see any products that I felt like they were just trying to get rid of. A solid way to start the year for mystery boxes.



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