Julep Zodiac: Aquarius

The Zodiac Collection

In 2014 and 2015, Julep released birthstone polishes, once a month, and then as a whole collection at the end of the year. For 2016, they’ve changed things up, and are releasing Zodiac themed polishes. The collection description says, “Never before seen finishes. Out of this world colors. Carefully crafted to flatter each sign’s unique charm.” They’re releasing each one in a special box, which talks about the sign and the idea behind the polish color.


The 1st polish to be released is Aquarius, traditionally for January 21st – February 19th. Aquarius is described as a “multidimensional teal duo metallic to match the aqua babe’s electric vibe.”

From the online swatches, Aquarius is shown as a dominantly teal polish, with a clear teal-blue-purple shift. The finish is both shimmery and duo-chrome.

In terms of color, I can definitely say that Aquarius did not disappoint. It’s a hint more blue than I thought, but definitely a teal overall. I’ve done my best to capture the teal-blue-purple shift, which is very present. At some angles, it’s very purple.


Remains of my manicure the next day

While the color was gorgeous, the formula was not so great. Unfortunately, I found it to be quite thick, which made it challenging to get a light coat. It also took a long time to dry between coats, as is generally the case with thicker formulas. I ended up smudging it and having to start over several times, due to the long dry time. Once I finally got it on the nails and dried, it was gorgeous. But less than 24 hours later, it ended up coming off in large flakes that were essentially the entire nail. All in all, it’s a beautiful polish, but with a poor formula. I’d have to add some thinner to it to see if that would help with the thickness. Coming off in flakes like that is usually an indicator of too many/too thick coats, so hopefully thinner would also help extend the life of the manicure.

Color Comparisons

The first color comparison, I’m posting because when Aquarius was released, I saw a lot of people complaining that it’s just Shay from the January collection all over again. I personally didn’t agree, but I saw this complaint a great deal. So the first comparison is of Shay and Aquarius.

I don’t really feel like I need to say a lot here. They’re clearly very different colors, and very different finishes, as I suspected. Not even a little bit the same. Now, on to the standard comparison to what I felt were the closest Juleps.

Aquarius was actually closest in color to mystery light blue, but since it has a color shift, they’re really not that similar. Aquarius and Danielle both have the same purple hue depending on the angle, but the main colors are clearly different. The finish is definitely unique, and doesn’t really compare to any other color in the catalog.

Overall, Aquarius is a beautiful polish with a not so great formula. If you’re willing to be patient, or try adding thinner to it, it’s a gorgeous color to add to your collection. If not, maybe one to avoid. I am looking forward to seeing what the rest of the Zodiac Collection has to offer…



2 thoughts on “Julep Zodiac: Aquarius

  1. The only times I’ve had polish flake off in whole pieces like that is if I applied nail oil too soon before doing a manicure. I actually started doing that on purpose for a little while, when I did glitter manis that I only intended to wear for one day. Easy removal!

    Srsly though, that’s surprising to me. Have you noticed that this happens consistently with any specific polishes?


    • I haven’t found one polish that always does it. It’s a pretty rare occurrence for me. I didn’t use any nail oil after this mani.
      I find it’s really an issue of thickness. Too many coats or a polish that’s too thick seems to cause it to come off in much bigger pieces and make it more likely to chip. I find that when my base coat or top coat starts thickening up, as they tend to when the bottles get more empty, this makes it more likely, so I guess they’re more of a regular culprit than any different colors are.


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