TBT Vault Style: Jaime and Harper

A friend of mine, let’s call her B, recently suggested to me that I do a Throwback Thursday mani once a month, featuring a color that is in the Julep Vault. Before I go any further, let me clarify: colors that are in the vault are colors that Julep no longer manufactures. Just because a color is not currently in stock does not mean it is in the vault. The Julep site actually has a Vault Section, which seems to include all but a handful of the oldest vaulted colors. If a color is simply listed as out of stock, it very well may come back, and is not in the vault. In addition, since 2015, Julep has been bringing back at least one color back from the vault every month.


Jaime and Harper

I wanted to focus on really old, 2011, colors, but B suggested it would be more interesting to focus on colors that are in high demand. It seems like these are a lot of blues, greens, and pinks, from 2013 and 2014. For reference, I used the stats section of the Aria Evans Site to see what colors people wanted the most. I was really excited to use Julep Jaime (not to be confused with 2015’s Jamie), so B suggested I do Jaime and Harper, which is a gorgeous combo. B is full of good ideas.

I decided to really go out there on the edge and attempt a glitter tipped mani. I don’t use glitter polish often, so this was definitely something new for me.

I thought I might have some trouble with Jaime, as it’s a pretty old bottle and was reported to be a bad stainer in a lot of the original reviews. I’ve seen Jaime described as medium toned bright blue creme and as ultra-saturated, dark blue turquoise. It’s no longer on the Julep site at all. Some old reviews seem to show it as being much lighter, but the 2 bottles I’ve seen in real life both have the deep blue with a hint of turquoise you see here. I was really pleased to use it and find it had a perfect formula that went on easily, dried well, and had a nice glossy shine. I was also really impressed by the full, one-coat coverage. All of the pictures are with only one coat of Jaime.


Jaime/Harper Nails in Daylight

Harper, listed as full-coverage opalescent mermaid blue multi-dimensional glitter, was a bit more challenging to work with. It’s pretty thick, and probably needs a bit of thinner to make it more usable. I don’t have any 5-free thinner right now, so I really need to go get some. I’m not willing to put non-5-free thinner in my Juleps and keep holding out for Julep to make one. While I had some challenges getting Harper where I wanted, it really is a gorgeous glitter, and I can see why so many people want it. I just did the tips of most fingers and then did full coverage (one coat only!) on the index finger. For my first attempt at glitter tips, not too bad, I think.


Unfortunately, you can see the shrinkage pretty clearly in this pic. Ick.

I did have some shrinkage around my cuticles, which I’m guessing is a result of me being too heavy handed with the top coat. I don’t normally have much shrinkage, but I did use a thick coat, and I know others have reported this as an issue with Freedom Polymer Top Coat. Freedom is my go-to shiny topper. It dries so fast and so glossy.

Despite the shrinkage, I really like this mani. Harper has just enough blue to look good with Jamie but really pops. It really does make you think of mermaids for some reason. I think it would look good against a lot of other colors. Jaime is a great rich blue, with amazing coverage. Since neither is available anymore, I’d recommend Casey as a replacement for Jaime. For Harper, Calla and Sylvie offer the same style of polish in terms of base and glitter, in aqua and pink, respectively. For Mermaid inspired shades, Shay and Laken come to mind.


One more picture in different lighting

I’m very please to see colors keep coming back from the Vault, although there is something special about having a color that not many other people have. That’s one of the reasons I like to have the original and the re-release for all the back from the vault colors. I’m glad that they’re bringing back must have colors, and so far we’ve been able to vote on some of the back from the Vault selections. I’m curious to see what will be coming back this year. I think Laree and Johnny for January were a big hit.

What vault color would you like to see for my next TBT Vault Style? Comment below and let me know!




4 thoughts on “TBT Vault Style: Jaime and Harper

    • I would love to see a comparison of various shimmery reds – Julep has so many. Perhaps you could compile a few that are hard to find and post a mani with those?


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