Purple Holo Mani

In the spirit of trying to get better at nail art, I decided to try a mani with striping tape. I thought it would be fun to use some of my holographic polishes, and decided that Delores (iris linear liquid holographic), Christa (purple twilight liquid holographic), Ellis (pink dawn linear liquid holographic), and Angie (silver linear liquid holographic) would go well together.


After some strategic planning, I decided a simple X design was probably the easiest way to try this type of mani. I just used a cheap striping tape that I got in a multipack, and used the pattern I thought I was least likely to ever use in a mani.


Step 1

After applying base coat and waiting for it to dry, I applied two pieces of striping tape to my nails in an x pattern, being sure that there weren’t any wrinkles or bubbles. The biggest trouble spot I found was the bottom corners of my nails by the cuticles. I really had to make sure the tape wasn’t pulling up here (as that would ruin the design).


Then I got to work painting the each triangle. I found you really have to be careful not to paint outside of the lines using thin tape like this. I also found it is very challenging to do so with a normal brush and not get paint all over your fingers. This probably would have been a great opportunity to try liquid latex or even school glue. (This is a technique where you essentially paint the areas around the nail before doing your nails, and then peel up the latex or glue afterwards for fast, easy cleanup.)

Delores went on very well. Full coverage in one coat, and while the formula was a hint thick, it was still pretty easy to work with. It dried quickly, and I really liked the richness of the purple. Christa was pretty much the same. Good coverage in one coat, mildly thick formula, but easy to work with and dried in normal time. I will note that Christa does have some extra glitter in it that the other holos do not. Ellis and Angie were another story, I’m sorry to say. I found both to be pretty streaky, even after the second coat. They are probably a three coater.

I then peeled up the striping tape. Doing this, I learned a few things. As I peeled the striping tape up, it took up the base coat underneath it as well. I’m not sure if there’s an effective way to prevent this. Perhaps by letting the base coat dry even longer? It also sometimes would start to peel up a triangle of color, so you really do have to be careful taking them off. After a significant amount of cleanup, I was quite pleased with the results.


You can see, as is a pretty common criticism of Julep holographic polishes, that they’re only slightly holographic. I think they are getting better at this, as the latest holo, Tali, is more holographic, but it’s definitely still a work in progress. Even without a super holo effect, I still really like this mani.

I did try putting FUN Laquer’s Diamond Top Coat on my ring finger (only in the picture in the sun, bottom right), but decided not to top the whole mani with it. It did make the holo even more holo, but I felt like it obscured the X a little bit. So, I just left it alone (topped with Freedom Polymer Top Coat).

Overall, I was pretty pleased with the mani. I liked the way the colors looked together and felt that for a first attempt, it turned out pretty well. Using striping tape is definitely a technique I’ll be trying again.



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