Julep Kiss ‘N’ Tell Mystery Clutch (February 2016)

I ordered the Kiss ‘N’ Tell Mystery Clutch the first night it was posted, on February 3rd. Usually they don’t release the boxes this early, but I believe they wanted to give people a chance to buy it and have it arrive before Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, although my box came on the 8th, I wasn’t able to have time to finish this post until today. It looks like they’ve already extended the box to today (originally was going to end on the 10th), so I’m not sure how much longer it will be available.

The Kiss ‘N’ Tell Mystery Clutch only has one box variation. It is $29.99 for $150 in value. Each box comes with Lucy, Rassamee, and an exclusive Julep fold-over clutch in grey and gold. One winner will also receive a Tiffany & Co. + Elsa Peretti® necklace.

Kiss ‘N’ Tell Clutch

The mystery box included, along with the promised items, Oxygen Brightening Nail Treatment, Corrine, Drew, Lip Gloss in Lively, When Pencil Met Gel in Black Shimmer, and a Feels Like Velvet Eyeshadow Duo in Sequins and Showtime.

Not the greatest shots of the bag, but I wanted to give an idea of what both sides looked like and show the insides as well. The clutch is a good size and will hold plenty, although it does not have any inside pockets. There is also no strap or handle (which I realize would make it not a clutch).

Overall, there was pretty good variety of products. It was nice to see three different makeup products, instead of the usual two, although I have definitely received another Lively from Julep either in a mystery box or as a gift for three add-ons in the last year. And now on to the new polishes!


Rassamee is the February Wonder Maven color, described as sangria with gold microshimmer. I was definitely excited to see this color as I think Julep does very well with gold shimmer colors (Lena, Manda, Laree, Jenny, to name a few).

I really liked Rassamee. It could be full coverage in one coat; I used two thin ones, but still almost didn’t need a second coat. It dried well and had a beautiful shimmer. I wasn’t sure if this one was going to feel more red or more purple, but it generally leans more red, in my opinion. I’m really pleased with Rassamee, and it’s another one to add to the list of lovely polishes with gold shimmer.

I wasn’t sure if I’d compare Rassamee to reds, purples, or both. Since I’ll be putting it in with my reds, I decided to compare it to those. You can see it’s actually a bit redder than DeAnn, which I’m now realizing has an incorrectly spelled label. Do me a favor and ignore that. I’ll be printing a new one shortly. The shimmer really brings out the red compared to some of the other colors, and it’s actually probably closest to Ilga, although not the same.


Back from the Vault! Lucy is an It Girl polish originally released in 2012. It’s described as modern, dark burgundy crème. I was surprised to see this one back from the Vault as it’s not a particularly unique or interesting color, but it is a nice deep red.

Above, original Lucy is on my pinky and ring finger, and new Lucy is on my middle and index fingers. LucyMessyOneCoatI accidentally did it the opposite of last time. You can see that on my fingers, original Lucy appears to be a bit redder, whereas the new one is darker and more saturated. They both went on about the same, required 2 coats for good, full coverage, and had an average dry time.

You can see in the picture on the side here how stark the difference was with only one coat. Bear with me that it’s not even a little bit cleaned up. I don’t take quite as much time to do swatches as I do with a manicure, so they can get messy. I was really surprised how different they looked, although with a second coat they were much closer in color.

Oddly enough, in the pictures it appears that new Lucy (on the top and the right hand bottle) seemed to photograph slightly redder. I really can’t explain this. Both however, are deeply saturated, dark reds.

You can see that Lucy, Lindsay, and Nic are all virtually the same color. Unless you love deeply dark reds, probably one of the three is more than enough. Mostly likely Nic or Lucy, as Lindsay is extremely HTF. From there the next darkest are Caroline, Cassandra, and Marla, but they’re a bit lighter and some have shimmer. Overall, I’m not really impressed with Lucy coming back, simply because it is so close to Nic.

Final Thoughts

For a Valentine’s day box, this was pretty much just what I expected. Reds and pink hues in a lip product and polishes. I was glad to see a few more makeup products, and I’m not sure what I would have expected for it to be done better. Perhaps including a blush would have worked as well, but I’m happy with what I received. I do prefer last year’s black sequined clutch because it had a wrist strap, and clutches without wrist straps are a little less useful, but overall, a great mystery box.



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