TBT Vault Style (on Sunday): Kessie

I’m pleased to announce that this is my first guest blogger post, courtesy of B. I’m doing a TBT on Sunday because I think Kessie is a great Valentine’s Day color, and wanted to share this with you today. I hope you enjoy!




Kessie in the bottle

Hi blog followers! I was happy to be selected to guest blog my thoughts on one of Julep’s most sought-after polishes, Kessie. I thought this would be a good color to post on for Valentine’s day. I am newer to the Julep scene, and Kessie was actually one of my first Juleps, given to me by the friend who first introduced me to the brand. At the time, she told me that Kessie was hard to find and that everyone wanted it, but I failed to appreciate at the time just what that meant. Perhaps because it’s so hard to find, I always see people in Julep facebook groups in search of Kessie, but rarely see anyone actually posting mani photos with it.

…until now. I first used Kessie on my toes when I originally got it, and I liked it on my feet. But have no fear, this post will not contain any weird foot photos. I generally don’t wear shades of pink on my fingernails, though, so when I put it on my hands, I wasn’t a huge fan. In fact, I may or may not have described it as “confrontational pink” to my polish pals, A and C. However, everyone else around me seemed to love it, as I received multiple compliments from my co-workers on the color. So maybe there is something magical and unicornish about this polish, after all.


Photo taken outdoors, in natural sunlight and frigid, polar vortex-like temperatures

The color…Julep describes it as a radiant orchid duochrome. This was apparently in honor of the 2014 Pantone color of the year, Radiant Orchid. I agree that Kessie is orchid, and it is radiant. I do not see the duochrome in it, however. It is decidedly MONOchromatic, in my opinion. It’s a chrome finish, and very shiny. I found the formula to be extremely thin; it requires 2-3 coats for full coverage. I generally do not have the patience, nor the attention span, to wait for 3 coats to dry, so I did one thin coat and a second, thicker coat.

Shiny and pink isn’t really my type of look though, so I decided to use my Julep Matte Top Coat over it and see how that worked. I do like it better matte. It’s a little more glam, and a little less, “Hello, my name is Barbie.” It looks a little more fuchsia with the matte top coat.

So there you have it, Kessie- the radiant orchid unicorn so many Julep mavens are looking for. Happy Valentine’s Day!



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