Julep February 2016 Color Comparisons

Since it’s already time for the March Maven Window, I figured I had better get my act together and post the February Color Comparisons. February has been a busy month. I know I haven’t posted as much lately, but I do have new posts planned, and will hopefully be more productive in the upcoming weeks. Anyway, on to the comparisons!


Hayley is very close in color to a number of other deep reds, but not identical to any of them. Mary Lee is probably the closest from a front view, but has the matte finish compared to Hayley’s crème, which differentiates them. I also think Hayley lean a tad brighter and less brown compared to these other deep red crème.


When I was picking colors to use for my Luz comparison, I was surprised by how copper it actually seemed. While these colors definitely have a copper/gold blend, you can see I picked more copper leaning shades than gold leaning ones. Luz is clearly a unique shade, which makes me appreciate it even more.


I was not surprised to find that Finley didn’t seem very special compared to a number of other Juleps. There are quite a few navy blue crèmes, and this might be the first time I question if a Julep is not unique. Sometimes they’re similar, but never the same, I’ve always felt. However, Finley is very close to many of these dark blues. Especially after looking at the picture, it could be a dupe of a number of these colors. In person it seemed like Eloise and Millie were the closest, but looking at these pictures, it looks just about identical to Michelle, as well.


Jenica was harder to pick comparisons for, as it almost leans brown compared to other silvers, but is clearly not brown. I did include Christine in the comparison, as I felt they had a similiar finish, but Christine is definitely much more brown. Stefani was the closest color in shade, but doesn’t really match the finish.


Kay was also challenging to match. I will probably keep Kay with tans and taupes, but it has some pink undertones to it. I thought it was interesting to compare to Margit, which is a more purple/silver taupe shade, while Kay is more of a pink/gold taupe, both with similar finishes. Kay is definitely a unique polish, and a great addition to the catalog.


Meghan was closest in color to Sheila, and they are definitely pretty close. I might even go as far as to call these two dupes. It’s pretty close to Karissa as well. I can’t help but feel like they should have done a different finish to make it a more unique color.


I thought Giselle would be closest to Emer, but it actually reminds me most of Diane. It’s too dark and the shimmer too subtle to be as close to Emer. I’m glad to find this one was more unique than I had expected, although maybe not as unique as some of the other colors this month.


It’s pretty clear that there wasn’t a close comparison for Rosie in the Julep catalog. I included Chloe 2011, as it’s also a bold magenta glitter in a charcoal base, but Rosie’s glitter is bigger and much more concentrated- totally different colors. Chloe’s glitter is much less concentrated. I also thought it would be similar to Barbara, but the charcoal base really makes it unique. I love when I get a new color that there is no close comparison for.


I hope to see more of these unique colors and new combinations in the future, rather than so many colors that are just barely different from others. This month, too many colors were dupes or at least almost dupes. As much as I love crèmes, for example, we clearly don’t need any more navy crèmes. There are many finish/color combinations that haven’t been done yet, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of those. If there are any must have comparisons that you don’t see here, please comment below and I’ll try to add them!



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