Julep Zodiac: Pisces

The 2nd polish of the Zodiac Collection is Pisces, for February 20th – March 20th. Pisces is described as “shimmering seaside sunset duo metallic – for the warm and enchanting Piscean personality.”

On the Julep site, Pisces appears to be dominantly reddish-pink, with an orange and gold color shift. Like Aquarius, it has a shimmery duo-chrome finish.

In person, I think Pisces is a bit more orange than the dollop on the Julep site. The dominant color is orange, with clear shifts to a reddish pink and also a gold hue, depending on the lighting. I had a bit more trouble getting the pink and gold to photograph, but you can see it in some of the photos. This color is really not for me, as orange is my least favorite color, but I can see a lot of others enjoying it, especially with the pink.

Much like Aquarius, Pisces is a lovely color with a not so great formula- it’s very thick. I will definitely be thinning it. The thickness makes it hard to get a thin coat, but you still need at least three coats for full coverage. You can see in the picture that there is not much coverage with the first coat. However, I think this does leave the interesting possibility of using it as a duochrome topper, which could be very interesting. Pisces also took longer to dry, although not as long as Aquarius- I didn’t have as much of a smudging issue this time. It is however, still too long of a dry time, in my mind. The other frustration was how much polish had to be used for just one mani, also a result of the thickness. Most bottles do have a fill line after one use, because Julep bottles are smaller, but I felt this was pretty extreme for just one use.

Color Comparisons

For comparisions, I focused on orange, since that’s the dominant shade of Pisces. While it definitely has the pink and gold hues, I would categorize it as orange.

As a duochrome, Pisces doesn’t closely match any other colors in the Julep catalog. While Zoe is somewhat close in main shade, it’s hard to compare given the pink undertones of Pisces. This is the only orange duochrome they’ve made so far, and as the Zodiac Collection advertises, the finish has not been done before.

My overall thoughts on Pisces are pretty similar to Aquarius. I love the shift, and the new finish. However, the formula definitely needs some work. In terms of color, to be honest, I don’t really like it, and was happy to remove this particular mani. However, I can objectively say it’s a lovely polish, and I continue to look foward to the rest of the collection…hopefully with a better formula.

Thanks for reading!



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