Julep Eyeshadow 101


I’ve decided to do my first makeup post, reviewing and swatching Julep’s Eyeshadow 101s. Eyeshadow 101 is Julep’s eyeshadow crayon, which premiered in the October 2015 collection in 6 shades: Plum Shimmer, Orchid Shimmer, Champagne Shimmer, Bronze Shimmer, Stone, and Taupe Shimmer. In the February 2015 collection, 6 additional shades were released: Olive Shimmer, Putty, Warm Gold Shimmer, Cocoa, Slate Shimmer, and Charcoal.


Before I get to the swatches, I’ll briefly discuss the packaging and how much product you get. The Eyeshadow 101 stick is a plastic tube on a gunmetal grey color. The larger, top cap covers the stick, which is raised and lowered by twisting the main tube. On the bottom there is a smaller cap that covers the smudging sponge. Julep recommends that you “prep” the sponge by applying eyeshadow to the back of your hand and smudging it, as the sponge tends to absorb it at first.

While the tube is fairly long, the actual eyeshadow stick is only about an inch long; in the picture above the stick has only been used to swatch on my arm, and I’ve twisted it all the way up. Given the length of the tube, I feel like you should get a bit more product, although I do realize that the longer the stick is, the more prone it will be to breakage. This brings me to the packaging issue.


Broken Eyeshadow Sticks

Unfortunately, when the first batch shipped, the sticks had a tendency to come loose from the base. I found that they can pretty easily be pushed back down into the anchor. However, this sometimes results in broken sticks, as you can see in the picture. I had two that arrived with the sticks loose and broken from shipping. It also made the sticks fly across the room if you weren’t quite careful when taking off the caps. Many people contacted Julep for replacements for sticks that came loose, but the replacements still had issues (also, to be perfectly honest, it seemed like a lot of people could have pushed the sticks back in and used them. I understand that a product should come fully useable, but if the stick wasn’t broken and didn’t fly across the room and land in something icky when you opened it, you don’t need a new one). The first batch of sticks went out of stock quite quickly and have yet to be restocked. A similar issue occurred with the second round, and although some colors are still in stock, a few of the new colors are already OOS.


Now that you know more than you ever needed to know about the packaging, on to my opinions about the sticks themselves. While I haven’t worn every color yet, I’ve used a number of the shadow sticks and really love them. They go on easily, have great color payoff, no fallout, and last all day. I’m also really impressed by the fact that there’s no crease line. I have used other eyeshadow crayons before, and always end up with a crease line. With these, however, there’s no line. They also blend very well, so you can use a combination of colors to shade and blend however you want.


I’ve swatched all the colors on my arm for comparison’s sake. As you can see, the current colors are all very rich earth tones. I was initially worried that some of the colors would be too dark, but I’ve liked them all. In order, the colors are: olive shimmer, plum shimmer, orchid shimmer, putty, warm gold shimmer, champagne shimmer, bronze shimmer, cocoa, stone, taupe shimmer, slate shimmer, and charcoal.


I really like this product, and hope they continue to make it, but with better packaging. Although they haven’t fixed the problem yet, I hope they’ll be able to do it next time, and restock the current colors as well. I would love to see it in more colors. I notice Julep’s eyeshadow products in general don’t have a lot of green or blue tones, and generally tends towards neutrals rather than bold colors. I would like the next round of Eyeshadow 101 to include black, white (for blending), dark green, dark blue/indigo, lighter blue, and rose gold. There you go, the next six colors. I’ve also seen people ask for a true silver and a shimmery pink. So maybe they’ll just have to do a round of 8! What colors are you hoping to see if they do more Eyeshadow 101s?



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