F.U.N Lacquer Blue Tears

While my blog (and my collection) is largely Julep-focused, I do have some other polishes in my arsenal, and will share them from time to time. Today, I’d like to share F.U.N Lacquer’s (Fabulously Unique Nail Lacquer) shade blue tears.

F.U.N Lacquer is based in Singapore. The polish is vegan/cruelty-free and five-free, and seems to mostly focus on duochromes, holographics, and glitters. The polish is available directly from their site for $10-$13 dollars a bottle (12ml/.4fl oz). Shipping from Singapore can add up very quickly. If you buy 12 bottles, they will upgrade to priority mail shipping for free (otherwise international shipping could take a while). I decided to go for broke and order 12, getting a few for friends, and keeping the rest as my own F.U.N Lacquer collection. Alternatively, in the US, it is available from the stockist Live Love Polish, for $16 a bottle. If you spend $40, standard shipping is free.


Natural Daylight

While I love most polish colors, blues and reds are probably my top two. I love a good blue, and this is my first blue holographic polish. It’s also the first F.U.N Lacquer shade that I’ve used. Please excuse that my fingers/cuticles were a bit torn up this week.

Blue tears was really easy to work with. The formula was the perfect thickness and went on very easily. I didn’t like the brush as well as some other brushes, but I don’t feel that it had a negative impact on my manicure. Dry time was pretty standard, and I had full, opaque coverage in two coats.


Artificial Light

I had a hard time really capturing how amazing the polish looked, especially in terms of the holographic. It looked more holographic in certain lights than others. I also noticed it was a brighter blue in natural light than in artificial light. No matter what light it was in, however, I loved the look of this polish. It is bright, fun, and has a nice scattered holo.

I topped the mani the Julep’s Oxygen Performance Top Coat, and got at least three days of wear before I chipped it. It was another few days before it needed to be replaced. I was really impressed with the life and wear of this formula, especially given that I was a bit rough on my nails this week.

I think these last two photo capture the holographic effect the best. So sparkly!

While it’s only my first F.U.N Lacquer, so far, I’m impressed with the brand. It made a great impression, and the friends who received other bottles from the order reported similar experiences. I’m quite pleased with my purchase, and look forward to trying my next F.U.N Lacquer color.




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