Julep Sunny

When I was trying to decide what color to use this week, I realized I haven’t done a yellow mani yet, so I thought it was time to give yellow some love. If you break down the Julep Collection by colors, yellow is the least common major color. Overall, yellows, oranges, and the spectrum of tan-brown-copper-gold are the smallest color groupings. Last year, there was only one yellow in the 170 colors released (although there were some golds as well). 2016 hasn’t had a yellow yet, although with April traditionally being a collection of brights, we may see one this upcoming month. Anyway, back to the polish.

Julep Sunny is described as overexposed yellow chrome, and I have to say, overexposed is a pretty accurate description. Sunny is a very bright and saturated true yellow, with a lot of shimmer that really does give it a chrome look.

Sunny went on quite easily. The formula is on the thicker side of normal. It was quite bold after one coat, but requires two coats for full coverage, and to remove the visible nail line. Sunny did take a bit longer than normal to dry. It dried to a tacky feel pretty quickly, but then took more time to fully dry. The dry time wasn’t so much longer than normal that I found it to be off-putting. I topped it with a coat of Oxygen Performance Top Coat, and got very good life out of this mani. It’s been on my nails since Sunday, and has not yet chipped.


With a yellow polish, especially paler shades, there’s always a bit of worry in my mind that it will make my nails look stained or dirty rather than polished. However, Sunny is so bold and yellow, that this clearly wasn’t an issue. It’s not the most traditional color for a mani, but I found the yellow to be very cheerful and…sunny on my nails (I know, I’m hilarious). This polish is definitely true to name, and I would use it again. It’s probably a better summer color than early spring shade, but I’m glad I used it to brighten up the start of the week.




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