TBT Vault Style: Sushmita and Chelsea

SushmitaChelseaBottlesI guess I’m trying to work my way through the rainbow, because I noticed I hadn’t done a pink mani yet, and decided to do one for my TBT post. Of course, after I did said mani, I realized it was not dissimilar from the Kessie guest post I featured last month, but oh well. So today’s TBT Vault Style is all about Julep Sushmita and Julep Chelsea.

Sushmita is a silk finish polish described as pashmina pink silk. I picked this one because it’s not a color I would tend to use, and because it would give me a reason to finally use the Silk Effect Top Coat (which I have never tried). Chelsea is listed as violet, silver and purple multi-dimensional full coverage glitter. I thought it would match well, and make a nice accent nail.

Sushmita went on very easily. Although it had impressive coverage in one coat, I used two coats to get it fully opaque, and to make sure it didn’t look streaky. It didn’t dry as fast as I expected for a more matte polish (it seems like matte polishes dry very quickly), but didn’t take any longer than a crème would to dry. For the accent nail, I used one coat of Sushmita, and then covered in 3 coats of Chelsea. That might have been a bit overboard, but I really wanted full-coverage on the glitter, and I found that it went on a bit thin. Chelsea did dry very quickly, which made it much easier to do that many coats.

I topped Sushmita with Silk Effect Top Coat. Silk Effect has not so great reviews on the Julep site, so I was a bit apprehensive about using it. The most common complaints are that it takes forever to dry, and that it causes bubbling. I am pleased to report that I didn’t find this to be the case at all. It went on easily, preserved the silk finish of the polish (perhaps slightly altered it, but barely), and dried in a very reasonable amount of time. The accent nail I topped with Oxygen Performance Top Coat. The mani lasted several days before chipping, and a few more days after that without looking worn enough to replace. The accent nail chipped the quickest, which I expected given how many coats I used.

Bold, bright pinks like this are not really a favorite for me, but I was impressed with the vibrancy and color. I was also quite pleased wth how well Chelsea’s pink glitter matched Sushmita. Pink this bright reminded me a lot of Barbie, and it was a very glam look. I probably won’t use another pink this deep and bright for a while, because it really was a stretch, and a bit out of my comfort zone, but I’m glad I gave these colors a chance.



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