Julep Gel Eye Gliders (When Pencil Met Gel)

EyeGliders1With the release of two new Eye Glider colors in the March 2016 Collection, Julep has made 22 shades of full-size eye gliders, and 5 shades of mini Eye Gliders. These eyeliners are amazing. I haven’t used every single one yet, but so far I’ve loved every color.

EyeGliders2Why am I calling them Eye Gliders when they’ve been renamed When Pencil Met Gel? Because Eye Glider takes much less time to type, and I find that the name When Pencil Met Gel isn’t very intuitive. It’s too long, and doesn’t indicate that the product is eyeliner. This is one of multiple products that was renamed in 2015.  I love Julep, but I have to say, I don’t like a lot of the new product names, and have some other concerns about their new marketing. But that’s another topic for another post. Regardless of what they call them, I’m definitely a big fan of the eye gliders.

Currently, 15 shades are available on the site (the first 15 on the list). I’ve included the release dates/collections for the gliders as well, FWIW. The first full-sized ones were available in August 2014. 2 individual colors are not listed right now; I am not sure if they are considered retired or out of stock. As out of stock items are usually still listed, I suspect they may be retired. The remaining 5 shades were available in the Stargazer set for Holiday 2014. The set was available during several sales in 2015, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen it on the site, so it may be gone now. Finally, the 5 mini colors were available in the Eyes All Aglow Set during holiday 2013. This set has not been available for quite some time, and can be very difficult to find.

The shades are:

  1. Black Shimmer (Holiday 2015)
  2. Blackest Black (August 2014)
  3. Bronze Shimmer (October 2014)
  4. Electric Teal Shimmer (March 2016)
  5. Deep Raisin (August 2015)
  6. Graphite Shimmer (October 2014)
  7. Indigo (April 2015)
  8. Navy Smoke (January 2015)
  9. Ocean Blue (March 2016)
  10. Olive (January 2015)
  11. Regal Teal Shimmer* (October 2014)
  12. Rich Brown (August 2014)
  13. Silver Shimmer (Holiday 2015)
  14. Smoky Plum (August 2014)
  15. Smoky Taupe Shimmer (August 2014)
  16. Forest Green Shimmer (March 2015 Mystery Box Add-on, not currently on the site)
  17. Radiant Amethyst (June 2015, not currently on the site)
  18. Champagne Shimmer (Stargazer Set, Holiday 2014)
  19. Cosmic Black Shimmer (Stargazer Set, Holiday 2014)
  20. Emerald Shimmer (Stargazer Set, Holiday 2014)
  21. Sepia Brown Shimmer** (Stargazer Set, Holiday 2014)
  22. Violet Shimmer (Stargazer Set, Holiday 2014)
  23. Black Shimmer (Eyes All Aglow Minis, Holiday 2013)
  24. Bronze Shimmer (Eyes All Aglow Minis, Holiday 2013)
  25. Charcoal Shimmer (Eyes All Aglow Minis, Holiday 2013)
  26. Teal Shimmer (Eyes All Aglow Minis, Holiday 2013)
  27. Violet Shimmer (Eyes All Aglow Minis, Holiday 2013)

*Regal Teal Shimmer is often listed as Regal Teal on the site, but the physical product is labeled Regal Teal Shimmer, and has a slight shimmer to it. Both names refer to the same product.
**When the Stargazer Set was first listed online, this was listed as Smoky Mushroom Shimmer, but the physical product has always been labeled as Sepia Brown Shimmer


From L to R: Deep Raisin, Champagne Shimmer, Olive, Forest Green Shimmer, Emerald Shimmer, Teal Shimmer (mini), Electric Teal Shimmer, Regal Teal Shimmer, Ocean Blue, Navy Smoke, Indigo, Smoky Plum, Violet Shimmer, Violet Shimmer (mini), Radiant Amethyst, Rich Brown, Bronze Shimmer (mini), Bronze Shimmer, Sepia Brown Shimmer, Smoky Taupe Shimmer, Silver Shimmer, Charcoal Shimmer (mini), Graphite Shimmer, Cosmic Black Shimmer, Black Shimmer (mini), Black Shimmer, Blackest Black.

Based on the swatches, I would say that the mini Teal Shimmer is definitely a unique color. mini Charcoal Shimmer appears to be slightly different from Graphite Shimmer as well. Violet Shimmer, Bronze Shimmer, and Black Shimmer all appear to be the same as their full size counterparts.


Same swatches in natural light

In terms of quality, the Eye Gliders are quite impressive. They are very easy to use, and really do glide on. They don’t pull and tug like traditional eyeliner pencils. The gel definitely makes for an easy application. They set quickly, and resist smudging. I have a tendency to rub my eyes sometimes, forgetting that I have makeup on, so it’s nice to not have to worry about smearing my eyeliner all over my face. I’m impressed by the intense color payoff, but appreciate how there are a lot of subtle options as well. They last all day; according to Julep, they’re clinically proven to last at least 10 hours. All in all, I can’t make a single complaint about these.


Eye Glider Sharpener

One last thought- I see people ask how you sharpen the eye gliders all the time. You sharpen them with a standard eyeliner sharpener. For some reason, because they’re not wooden, I suppose, this isn’t intuitive to everyone (and that’s okay!). Julep does sell an eye glider sharpener, which is great for travel, and works very well, but I think you can use any eyeliner sharpener. I like this better than a twist up, personally, because I think it makes it less likely that the stick will break off.

If you haven’t tried the Eye Gliders yet, I highly recommend you check them out. I used to complain about Smoky Taupe Shimmer, because I feel like Julep is always giving it away, but it turns out to be my favorite color. It’s a perfect grey/brown blend that seems to work with everything. The color catalog is pretty impressive, but I’d love to see a rose gold and a regular gold that’s in the normal lineup (since Champagne Shimmer was never sold separately). I’ve also seen people ask for a bold pink and white (I’m not sure I see the use for these, but if people want them, why not?). What colors would you like to see?

Thanks for reading,



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