Julep March 2016 Color Comparisons

I know these comparisons are a bit overdue, so apologies for that. It does take a bit of time to pull out all the swatch sticks to find the right comparisons, and I just hadn’t set aside the time to knock this out until now. I will try to make a point of doing them earlier in the month in the future, as I was a bit late on these in February as well.


Skylar was very challenging for finding comparisons. Nothing was particularly close in color, so I focused on including similar finishes. Charlene might actually be the closest to Skylar, interestingly enough.


Charlene, although somewhat similar to some of the pale purple metallics available, is definitely lighter, and arguably more of a true purple. It doesn’t have the pink and/or brown undertones that some of the other purple metallics have, which makes in a great spring color.


Monique is a silverish shade, but definitely has tones of gold as well.There are some other goldish silvers in the collection, but none of them are the same. Monique is a bit lighter and brighter, and doesn’t have undertones of purple (like Suki) or brown (like Jahnavi).


Like Skylar, Sage is truly unlike any other Julep colors, so I really struggled to pull comparisons. I used other green metallics to compare, but they’re all much more saturated than Sage. Next to the other greens, the gold undertones in Sage are quite prominent as well, as most of the others are green with silver undertones.


Trudy is not an incredibly different color. It is quite similar to Amy, albeit a shade darker. Because Amy is an older color, I don’t mind as much that the two are so close. However, I think Trudy could have been a lot more interesting if a different finish had been used to make it more distinct.


Yen is the other not-as-unique colors in the collection. I would argue it clearly has more red than Margarita, and less red the Patricia, the two colors closest to it. Although it is similar, and not the same, this is a color where I would have liked to see it in some other finish to make it more different. That being said, I still really like this particular shade of purple.


I was really curious to see how Kenna, a dove grey crème, would compare to the other Julep dove greys. Annette, a light dove grey crème, was significantly lighter, so I did not include it in the comparison picture. Dendrie, also described as dove grey crème, is clearly darker. There are a decent number of grey options in the Julep catalog, but Kenna is definitely unique. I would call it a very true medium grey, that doesn’t lean blue or yellow like some of the other shades.


Although it is described as almond, I found Abby to be closest to the nude pinks. I already mentioned in my collection review that I wasn’t a big fan of this color, but do have to credit it for not being a dupe of anything else. I was surprised to find it was somewhat similar to Abigail, as one would hope that variations on a name would be very different. That way everyone can have a version of their name that appeals to them.


Yiyi is of a similar shade to some of the other Julep pinks, but is very different because of the fabulous holo jelly finish. The other pinkish jellies are either much lighter or much redder, so I didn’t include them. I’m glad they went with a completely different pink to use for this finish, so there’s plenty of variety.


Like Yiyi, Cecile is not a truly unique color in terms of shade. However, the finish is so new and different for Julep that you can’t really argue that it isn’t a truly unique polish. It is probably closest to Taryn overall.


Overall, I have to give this collection a thumbs up for uniqueness. I feel that a good measure of the uniqueness is how easily I can find colors to use for my comparisons, and this time, it was definitely more challenging. When they release new collections, I feel that the goal should always be to provide unique colors and finishes that haven’t been done before. The Lighten Up Collection definitely hit that mark.



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