Ever After March 2016 Box: Over the Rainbow

While I have managed to avoid falling too far down the indie rabbit hole since I got into polish, I was so impressed by my Ever After crelly that I decided this would be the first indie brand I would seriously check out. I do have some other indies in my collection (ILNP, FM, EP, F.U.N. Lacquer), which I will blog about periodically as well. While I’m still getting Julep for now, I want to branch out a bit, and find a few great brands to explore and enjoy. I’m quite confident that Ever After is going to be one of those brands.

ANYWAY, I thought a great start would be to purchase their March Monthly Box, themed for The Wizard of Oz, and named Over the Rainbow. I believe the monthly box is a newer offering from their site. Each month’s themed box contains a full size, box-exclusive polish, a full size bath product, and a bath sample or mini polish. The box is $14 plus shipping, and can be purchased separately each month, or signed up as a recurring purchase. There is a one week pre-order, after which the boxes start shipping. For the March box, the polish colors were shown in the Facebook fan group (Polished Princesses, an Ever After fan group) while the preorder was still open, but the body product was a mystery.


OverTheRainbow2The box included a full size polish named Follow Me Over the Rainbow, a mini polish in Ruby Slipper, a 4 oz hand crelly in No Place Like Home, and a rainbow lollipop (mmm!). Over the Rainbow is a metallic gold polish with gold and multicolor, holographic glitter in it. Ruby Slipper is a rich red polish, which I would call a crelly, with larger pieces of red glitter and small pieces of holographic glitter. No Place Like Home is a cinnamon scented hand crelly with a shimmery effect.

First of all, I have to say that I’m quite pleased with the curation of this box. Every item clearly fits the Wizard of Oz, Over the Rainbow Theme. It’s great to see a collection that’s cohesive and connects to the theme. Even the candy is perfect!

NoPlaceLikeHome1No Place Like Home has a strong, classic cinnamon smell that reminds me of  Big Red Gum or Red Hots Candies. While it is a stronger scent, it’s not overpowering or in your face, and is more subtle on the hands compared to in the jar (when it is of course much more concentrated). No Place Like Home also has a shimmer effect to it. I tried my best to capture it in a photo, but wasn’t able to. The shimmer is just that, and not a glitter. I was a little nervous that it might rub off on everything I touched, but I wore it all day and had zero problems. It also washes off quite easily, so it’s really an ideal product to have shimmer.

Because they go together so well, I decided to do a mani using the two polishes together. Both had a good formula that was easy to use and went on quite smoothly. The brush was easy to use, which I note as this is my first time using an Ever After polish. They dried in a normal amount of time.

Follow Me Over the Rainbow had very even coverage after one coat (not full coverage, but not streaky like many polishes are after one coat). I decided to use three thin coats for complete coverage, although two thicker coats would have worked as well. I really like the look of this one, and think it would make a great topper for a variety of colors, as well as being a lovely stand-alone polish. Ruby Slipper also went on very evenly, and had full coverage in two coats. Again, I think it could be used as a really interesting topper, as well as a main polish. I was very pleased and impressed with the versatility of these colors. I topped them with Oxygen Performance Top Coat, and proceeded to take a significant amount of pictures.

Since it’s that time of the year, and I’m trying to be more creative with my pictures, I couldn’t help but take a photo of the colors with the cherry blossoms. I really love how the red and gold polishes play off of the dark pink and yellow shades in the blossoms. I also found some other flowers to share in the spring fun.

All-in-all, I’m quite pleased with this box, and am very glad I decided to purchase it. I loved the products, was very happy with the curation and theme, and felt that I got excellent value for the price. I can also say that I am impressed by my first Ever After Polishes, and am looking forward to my next Ever After mani. Their latest collection will be launching on April 8th, and if you haven’t checked them out yet, you definitely should!



2 thoughts on “Ever After March 2016 Box: Over the Rainbow

  1. I love Follow me over the rainbow and your review is great! I wish I was able to purchase this collection. Your nails are gorgeous!!


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