Julep Shine Like Shawn Set


Julep recently released a new set on QVC, named #Shine Like Shawn. The set was curated in coordination with Shawn, the QVC host, to showcase her favorite products and a new, set exclusive polish. It is currently priced at $35. The set includes It’s Balm in Apricot Nude, Freedom Polymer Top Coat, and the new color, Shawn #shine.

I have previously expressed my frustration with sets like these, as they require you to buy a complete set to get the one exclusive item, at a fairly high price (compared to the cost of buying these at Maven price and using a discount code). You also have to pay for shipping, which would be free on the Julep site. Despite my irritation at this, I purchased the set.


In terms of curation, I was a little surprised to see a lip product, a top coat, and a polish. It would make more sense to include a base coat rather than a lip product, or perhaps include an eye product instead of a top coat. This is just a personal preference, but I feel like the set includes 2/3 of a manicure. I would rather just have a polish and beauty products, or receive everything I need for a complete manicure. Beyond this, I’m not going to comment on the Apricot Nude It’s Balm or the Freedom Polymer Top Coat, as they are not new items.I did find that it was well packaged, and looked nice.  Now to talk about Shawn #shine.

First of all, Shawn #shine. Shawn #shine. Let’s just think about that for a minute. I realize it was named for the host, and there’s already a polish named Shawn (in a poppy red), but this name is a little ridiculous. Hashtags should not be included in product names, period. I also find it rather silly to use a hashtag in the set name. It’s almost like they’re trying too hard to be trendy, which I think has the opposite effect. There is not a specific description of Shawn #shine on the site, but in the QVC video, they describe it as a gold polish in a new finish, HD glitter.

While the color is a very true gold, it is much more of a metallic or chrome than it is a glitter. If you were to call it a glitter, I’m not sure what prefix you’d use, as the shimmery particles are much smaller than the size Julep generally calls microglitter. I would refer to it as a metallic above anything else, as it’s more shimmery than a chrome would be. It is quite reflective and bright. I did find the formula very easy to work with, and even did a pretty good job not flooding my cuticles (go me!). I had full coverage in two thin coats, which dried fairly quickly.

It was easy to find comparisons for Shawn, since Julep has done a number of lighter golds that have a similar finish. Other golds, like Mahima and Luz were more yellow, more saturated, and somewhat darker, so I didn’t include them in the comparison. I’ve included all of the different Siennas because Julep has re-released it in a number of collections, and the bottles from different years do seem to be different colors (especially Sienna 2011). While Shawn #shine is not identical to any of the colors, it is pretty close, and all seven colors pictured are quite similar, with Spencer being the most unique. I’m not sure they really needed another gold in this shade and finish.

Although I do like the Shawn #shine color, it’s not particularly unique, and I can’t say that this set is a good value for the price, either. While I did want the exclusive color, overall, I’d have to say that this set is not worth it. Hopefully future offerings will have a better value and more creative colors.




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