Julep Zodiac: Aries

The 3rd polish of the Zodiac Collection is Aries, for March 21st – April 20th. Aries is listed as “risk-taker red iridescent flash – for the exciting and passionate Aries personality.”

Aries is a bold, bright red polish. The swatches online show that unlike the other two zodiac colors, it does not have a duo-chrome effect. But Aries does have the same lovely, iridescent finish.

In real life, Aries holds true to the online description. It is a very saturated, true red. The iridescent finish definitely makes it sparkle and shine, more so than a shimmer, but with a more subtle look than glitter. I found the color to be quite captivating, and ended up taking quite a few photos.

Aries has the best formula in the zodiac collection so far, although it is not perfect. The formula is a bit thick, so I will probably add some thinner to it. That being said, it isn’t as thick as the first two colors, and was fairly easy to work with and apply. While the dry time was a bit longer than normal, it dried faster than the previous two Zodiac colors, so I believe they are getting better with the iridescent finish. I found I had full, rich coverage with just two coats, and was quite pleased with the result.

Color Comparisons

Julep has a pretty significant number of red polishes, so I tried to stick to red shimmers for my comparison.

While the colors appeared to be a close fit to Aries in real life, I noticed that Aries photographs a bit brighter and slightly more orange than the other shades. I think this is a result of the iridescent finish. While there are many red shimmers of various shades, the iridescent finish makes Aries more shimmery and brilliant, and rather unique.

Overall, I’m quite pleased with Aries. The formula might not be perfect, but it’s an improvement. The polish is really quite beautiful, and rather unique. It’s definitely one that I’ll use again.



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