Ever After Spring Crelly Scents



The Spring Crelly scents go live on the Ever After site today, and Ever After was kind enough to send me these goodies to review ahead of the launch! Crellies in Watermelon, Grape Koolaid, and Make It Rain are coming back, as well. This release also includes the Golden Afternoon Collection (which includes 4 new polishes), a spring mystery polish (Pig Pen), new floral water slide nail decals, and floral earrings.

I’ve already written about how fantastic Ever After Crelly is, so I’ll  try to keep this post brief and focused on the 5 main scents.


Rich, Crelly Goodness

Cherry Blossom- A bright floral reminiscent of spring’s first blossoms bathed in soft sunlight

Cherry Blossom is a delicate, natural floral the really does smell just like cherry blossoms (and I can confirm this as the Cherry Blossoms have been in bloom around here for the last few weeks). While you really can smell the cherry blossoms, it’s subtle and light. It also feels refreshing and clean, perfect for spring. Need I say more?

Honeysuckle and Nectar- Warm succulent honeysuckle with hints of crisp Spring air

This crelly is a bit stronger, but not in a perfumed or artificial sense. It’s fresh and floral, but has a sweetness to it (the nectar, I assume), which makes it a great transitional scent. While I’m a fan of wearing whatever you want whenever you want, I feel like the notes of floral and sweetness make it perfect to go from winter baked goods smells to spring florals and from fresh spring scents to the sugary fruit scents popular in the summer. Overall, a very versatile scent!

Lavender- It’s the true aroma of lavender! Clean, fresh, and calming

The Lavender crelly is a very authentic lavender smell that doesn’t rely on a heavy, perfumed scent like so many other lavender products. It’s very natural, and not overwhelming or overpowered. Lavender is often claimed as a stress reliving and sleep aiding scent, so this is a perfect bedtime product as well. Even though I’m not a lavender fan, I found myself liking this one. And if you are a big lavender person, this one will be right up your alley.

Let’s Get Dirty- Light citrus scent blends with notes of musk and dirt like an orange grove in summer

Until you’ve smelled this one, notes of musk and dirt could seem like an odd description, but once you try it, you realize how well this one works. It’s earthy but light. The citrus really balances out the other notes, for a truly unique and pleasing smell. If you don’t like florals, but still want a spring scent, this could be a perfect match. I love anything with citrus in it, so this one is right up my alley.

Rose Garden- Blossoms of rose, violet, and gardenia intertwine in this delightful rose garden bouquet

Rose Garden is not your grandma’s artificial rose perfume. It really smells as though you’re standing in the garden, breathing deeply, and taking in the flowers. Rose garden is perhaps the most floral in the collection. The different flowers are balanced quite well, with no one overpowering the others. It’s a soft, romantic, and lovely scent.


I’m so creative! (not really, but I do have a lot of fun playing with these)

What I love about the spring collection is that the scents are all fresh, relatively light, and perfect for the season. And while it’s a very cohesive collection, there’s a lot of variety, so everyone can find a different scent to suit their preferences. All of these goodies go live on the Ever After Site at 5pm today!





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