B Being Bold with the April 2016 Collection

So, I’m currently in the process of moving, which sadly means that my collection is packed, and I’ve already broken and trimmed down most of my nails, despite not having done the major move yet. ANYWAY, the point is, that I don’t have much time to post this week. I will try to get my April Collection review done next week, but probably not before then. B has generously volunteered to share one of her manis in the meantime, using the new collection.



I decided to splurge and get the Polish Lover’s Upgrade this month to try out these new Vivid Sheers that Julep has made. In my opinion, these are a little thinner than Julep’s jelly polishes, but not by much. I liked most of the colors this month, although I wonder why Julep didn’t include a green vivid sheer, and made two pinks instead. A nice bright green would have rounded out this collection nicely.


From L to R: Brynn, Ari, Marissa, Gigi, Delaney, Shanna, Kimball

I figured it would be a good idea and try to do something more artistic with these than I usually do. With their sheer consistency, it is easy to layer them over each other or over other colors to transform them into completely new polishes. It is also easy to use them in such a way to achieve a watercolor effect.

I started by painting my nails a base color. I chose Steph (coconut cream iridescent shimmer) because it’s not a bright white, and because it’s a little shimmery. That being said, Steph’s formula is a little difficult; it went on streaky and required two coats for full coverage. I think I may need to add some polish thinner to my bottle, and maybe it will be easier to use.

After Steph dried, I took out the sheers. I painted vertical lines starting anywhere between 1/2 and 2/3 of the way from the tip to the cuticle, and painted the lines out towards the tip. I started with Gigi (zesty mandarin vivid sheer) since it was the lightest, then Brynn (ripe tangelo vivid sheer) and Ari (extreme fuchsia vivid sheer).


I then continued making lines with the other colors, Kimball (high-voltage watermelon vivid sheer) and Marissa (electric clover flower vivid sheer). I finished with Delaney (blue atoll vivid sheer) and Shanna (botanical violet vivid sheer). I went back over a few of the lines again to make them stand out more, since some of the lines were pretty sheer.


This is the brush I used. It’s a thin nail art brush I found at Sally’s awhile ago. The brushes that come with the polish were too thick for the effect I’d had in mind.



The finished product. My nails say “Spring is here!” and all the while, Mother Nature is saying “I’m about to dump more snow on you, sucker!”


Overall, I like this collection. It’s nice to see Julep do something a little different, and I like the bright colors, though I could have done without two pinks. I don’t mind that they were all the same finish, and I think it was nice that they added a free Brigitte to the box if you got one of the sheers. Hopefully they’ll do a green sheer in the not-so-distant future! The sheers do take a bit longer to dry, though that was not an issue with this particular mani because I didn’t mind if the colors on my nail were still a little wet when I applied the next color.

What other color combinations would you like to try with the vivid sheers?



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