Julep April 2016: Be Bold


So, before I start with my April Review, as I mentioned, I’ve been in the process of moving. I’m in pretty good shape with the unpacking now, and I think all of my polish survived (there’s always the off chance some bottle necks snapped, but I’m not opening every bottle to test). Unfortunately, the moving meant a lot of blog neglect and broken nails. I’m going to work to get caught up this month and be much more diligent about posting. I’m also trying out a more rounded shape on my nails as they grow back, so we’ll see how that goes. These probably aren’t my best photos or swatches, especially with my little stub nails, but I’m quite pleased to be posting again. And now, back to the post!

The Be Bold Collection included:

  • 7 Nail Colors
  • Holographic Nail Tape
  • 2 New Types of Konjac Sponge
  • Love Your Bare Face Cleansing Stick

The collection this month was entirely composed of vivid sheers, which appear to be similar to jellies, but more sheer. Every box that included a vivid sheer would also include Brigitte, a bright white crème to use underneath, which makes the sheers appear even brighter and more vivid. The review will discuss the seven new polishes. I decided not to get the new cleansing stick yet, although I am going to try the new sponges to see which kind I like best (or if there is a noticeable difference).

For all of the colors, I painted the left half (or top half, since the photo is rotated) of each finger white, so you can see what the color looks like with and without the undercoat. I then used one coat of the polish on my ring finger, two coats on my middle finger, and three on my index finger, to show how the colors build.


Kimball (35) is April’s Wonder Maven color, in high-voltage watermelon vivid sheer. The color appears to be more red when used alone, and seems to have a pinker hue on top of the white.

Although Kimball appeared to be more red in the online swatches, in real life, it is more of a hot pink at first. After a second coat, you can see more of the red tones, and after three, it is a red polish. Kimball had excellent coverage in one coat, and went on smoothly and easily. You could use anywhere from 1-3 coats, depending on what look you want. The dry time for Kimball was pretty standard. Overall, I’m pleased with this polish, although I would have preferred a pure red, since Ari is also pink, and I generally don’t like to use three coats.


Ari (36) is described as extreme fuchsia vivid sheer, in the It Girl Profile. Ari is a bright, hot pink shade that really pops.

Ari is the same in real life as the online swatches- a true, hot pink. With just one coat, Ari was a little streaky. It had highly saturated, full coverage after the second coat. The third, as expected, made the color even more saturated. For Ari, I think two coats would be the ideal number. It had the same ease of applying and standard dry time as Kimball.


Delaney (37) is the other It Girl color for April, in blue atoll vivid sheer. By itself, it has some teal or green undertones. On top of white, it seems more of a true blue.

Delaney was a bit thicker than I prefer, and didn’t have a smooth application. It wasn’t challenging to use, but could have been better. The dry time was pretty standard. After the first coat, it was rather streaky. Two and three coats had good coverage and color saturation. The color definitely has some green undertones, depending on the lighting, but is overall, a bright, fun blue. I’d recommend using a good base coat with Delaney, as I definitely had some staining when I removed it.


Marissa (38) is an electric clover flower vivid sheer. It is in the Boho Glam profile. Marissa is a reddish purple. Alone, the red undertones are more noticeable, whereas it appears more purple on top of the white.

Like Delaney, Marissa could have been a bit easier to apply. The first coat was a tad streaky, but less so than some of the other polishes. After the second coat, I had full coverage and good color. The third coat made the color even deeper and richer. Unfortunately, Marissa had a longer dry time, and I had to wait a while in between coats. I was very pleased with the color payoff, as well as the shade. It clearly has some red tones to it, which helps to distinguish it from Shanna, the other purple in this month’s collection.


Brynn (39), a Bombshell shade, is listed as a ripe tangelo vivid sheer. Brynn is a bright, hot, reddish orange- a very bold shade.

Brynn had a great formula and was easy to apply. It had full coverage after the first coat, and wasn’t streaky. The color continued to build with two and three coats, for strong red-orange shade that matches the online swatches quite closely. I would probably use two coats of this one. Brynn had a pretty standard dry time. All in all, I was very happy with this one.


Shanna (40) is a botanical violet vivid sheer, and the second Bombshell color for April. It is a deep, vivid purple that really does capture the color of violets.

Like most of the other colors this month, Shanna had a good formula, went on easily, and dried in normal time. The color is a bit streaky with one coat, but builds for better saturation with each additional coat. Personally, I like the look with three coats the best for this one. Shanna did not disappoint for color. It’s a rich, deep, royal purple that perfectly fits the bold theme.


Gigi (41) is the second Boho Glam color, described as a zesty mandarin vivid sheer. It’s a yellow-leaning orange, especially on top of the white.

Gigi had a good formula that was easy to use and applied evenly. I had full coverage in one coat, although I didn’t wait long enough for Brigitte to dry and smudged it. The color is much more orange after the second coat, and is a true orange with little to no yelllow tones after the third coat. Gigi had a longer than average dry time. The color really does remind me of citrus fruits, and has a fun, summery look.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this was a very cohesive collection, with all of the colors fitting the “Be Bold” theme. Most of the polishes had good formulas and good dry time. That being said, I would have liked to see a collection that included a yellow, green, and true red, rather than two shades of pink, two purples, and two oranges. Hopefully, they’ll introduce a few more vivid sheers in the next few months. Despite wanting the complete rainbow, I thought this was a great collection. They’re very versatile polishes that can be used for a lot of interesting nail art ideas, as well as providing a bright pop of color on their own.



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