Julep Confetti Delights Mystery Box (April 2016)

Julep did not offer a Mystery Box for March. I wasn’t really sad to see it go, as I do enjoy the new polishes, but hate ending up with a number of duplicates in each box just to get the polishes (which are often only separately sold several months later, with unpredictable availability). However, they did bring the box back for April, offering the Confetti Delights Mystery Box.

There was one version of the Confetti Delights Box, with $100 of value for $25. The earliest orders placed would also include a Bauble Bar necklace. Each box was promised to include Annabelle and Marley, two new, matte confetti polishes.

Confetti Delights Box

Along with Annabelle and Marley, the Confetti Delights Box included Ali, Randy, Luxe Up Your Lips in Poppy, and Feels Like Velvet in Moonlight and Starlight (a plum and light tan duo). I ordered the first night it was available, and also received the Bauble Bar Necklace and a 50% off coupon for my next purchase.

To be honest, I didn’t really see a cohesive theme with the extra colors and products chosen, as it was a mix of bright, dark, and pastel. I also thought it was interesting that they included a Feels Like Velvet, as another one of these eyeshadows was included in the last mystery box in February. I wasn’t surprised to see a Luxe Up Your Lips, as these are frequently included in the mystery boxes (in varying shades). The products value exactly $100 (not including the necklace). Despite not being particularly enthused with the curation of this box, I was very excited for Marley and Annabelle.


Marley (43) is described as aquatic blues matte glitter top coat in the Boho Glam profile. Marley is a bright and fun blend of various blues, with some white and black glitters in the mix as well.

I was quite pleased with the shades of blue used in Marley. I think they complement each other very well, and provide a bold mix of color. I personally might not have included the black glitter, but I don’t think it takes away from the overall blend. The base for this polish is clear. Marley is fairly easy to work with, although you do have to play around a bit with the glitter to get the coverage you want. It dries very quickly. Pictured is two coats, although I think one would have provided plenty of coverage as a topper.

Marley didn’t have any obvious comparisons, because the confetti finish is new to Julep this year, and there are not many other matte glitter colors. I picked a few sparkly blue glitters, as well as the rest of the confetti colors to see how Marley compares. It’s definitely a unique polish, and I’m very happy with it.


Annabelle (44) is a Classic with a Twist polish listed as a floral bouquet matte glitter top coat. color description. Annabelle is primarily pink glitter, with purples mixed in as well.

Annabelle is bold and bright, with two shades of pink and one shade of purple. Unlike Marley, Annabelle has a slightly tinted base, that appears to be a bluish purple. This is probably pictured best in the swatch on white, although it’s still pretty subtle. Annabelle also requires a bit of finesse to get the glitter coverage you want, but is easy to work with. Annabelle had an average dry time. I used two coats in the above picture; it isn’t quite as concentrated as Marley. Again, I think anywhere from 1-3 coats would work, depending on how much glitter you want on the nail.

I had a bit more success finding comparisons for Annabelle, as there are other pink glitter toppers. However, most of these are sparkly and reflective, as you can see. The matte look actually makes the pink and purple more bold, compared to the polishes the include metallic glitter. Annabelle also gets high marks for being new and unique.

Final Thoughts

In terms of the theme and corresponding products, I was really unimpressed with this box. I don’t see the confetti theme carrying through, there’s a wide blend of products that I wouldn’t use together to create a look. That being said, I’m very excited to see more of the confetti polishes, as I think it’s a great finish that adds more dimension to the Julep catalog. I hope to see more of these confetti toppers in other shades in the future.

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