Julep Heidi and Charlene

HeidiCharleneBottlesI was trying to come up with a good mani idea, and realized I had still yet to do any of the Birthstone colors. In 2014 and 2015, Julep released a birthstone polish every month. In 2015, they used alternate birthstones for some of the months. I was feeling purple-y so I decided to use Heidi. Heidi is an alexandrite birthstone duochrome, the alternate birthstone for June. I also chose Charlene from the March Collection, a hint of lavender chrome, to stamp on top of Heidi.

Stamping can be a bit challenging at first, and requires patience, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a fairly easy way to get some pretty neat nail art. There are a lot of great patterns available, from a number of makers. I’m definitely not a stamping expert, but I’ll try to do a beginner tutorial post on stamping sometime in the near-ish future. For today, though, I’m just going to focus on the polishes.

Heidi has a pretty standard formula and was easy to work with. It’s a very saturated color, and I almost didn’t need a second coat. I did decide to put two coats on, to make sure I had full coverage all over the nail. I was a little disappointed to find that the cool duochrome look Heidi has in the bottle doesn’t really show up on the nail. While it’s a rich, vibrant royal purple, it’s really just purple. I tried it at different lights and different angles, but couldn’t get the duochrome to show. Despite this, I still really love the color. The other downside to Heidi is that it had a pretty long dry time, so you really have to be patient with this one.

Once it was dry, I applied a coat of Oxygen Performance Top Coat. It’s always helpful to apply a coat of topcoat before you stamp, so if you mess up the stamping, you can remove the stamping without removing the underlying color. I then stamped my nails using Charlene, which worked well. It spread evenly, was picked up by the stamper, and showed up on the nail. Charlene is a great lavender, with just the right amount of silver contrast with Heidi.

Then I cleaned up around my fingertips using a q-tip. Once I had waited for the stamping to dry, I finished with a matte top coat, because B said to. It’s handy to have polish friends, because you can poll them on your mani choices.

Overall, I’m really pleased with this mani. I think it looks fun, the colors go well together, and I’m pretty proud of my stamping effort. I’m going to try to stamp more often.



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