Julep April 2016 Color Comparisons

April’s collection was pretty unique, but I was curious to see how it would compare to the Rock Candy Nail Glazes and the Jelly polishes. Along with a few others, these are the only other sheer-type polishes Julep has made. Because there really aren’t a lot of sheers in the Julep collection, and some of the shades in the April Collection are similar, I decided to combine some of the comparison pictures this month.

Kimball and Ari

Apologies, as I realize the shadows in this picture are terrible. Many of the sheers are in the same color family is Kimball and Ari, so there were plenty of options for this comparison. Ari and Tiffany (a jelly) appear to be almost identical, and have about the same level of saturation. Kimball is more unique, and doesn’t duplicate any of the existing colors. Overall, I still wish Kimball was a bit more red, and that Ari was a different shade of pink compared to Tiffany, but am pleased with these colors.


Julep has very few blue sheers, so there weren’t a lot of choices for comparison. The only other plain blue sheer is Bailey, which is a bit brighter and bluer. Delaney also has tones of green that differentiate it from the other blues. Cora’s base is probably the closest, but there is so much glitter in Cora that it’s hard to compare. I think the shade they picked for Delaney was a good choice, and hope to see more blue sheers in various shades added in the future.

Marissa and Shanna

Like Ari and Kimball, Marissa is in the same purple-pink-red color family as the majority of the other sheer Juleps. I wouldn’t say it’s the same as any of them, however. It’s darker than Lori or Ada, but has more tones of red than Bettie and Connie (which are only semi sheer, and matte in finish). Shanna, on the other hand, didn’t have any obvious comparisons. It’s a much deeper, richer purple that hasn’t been used as a sheer before. Both of these are definitely solid additions to the Julep catalog.

Brynn and Gigi

Orange is a pretty limited color for Julep, compared to most of the other main colors, so I didn’t expect to pull many sheers. I was a bit disappointed to see that Brynn and Poppy (a Jelly) are almost identical, as very red-leaning oranges. Gigi is a more true orange. Although Kyla has a similar base to Gigi, it is a glitter polish, so the two are still quite different.


Based on the comparisons, it actually seems that the Jelly polishes aren’t terribly different from the Vivid Sheers, but the Rock Candy Nail Glazes are much less saturated and more sheer. I think the Jellies have a slightly different look, although I can’t quite put my finger on it. As I was picking colors for comparison, I noticed that there are few or no yellow or green sheers, and this collection didn’t include those colors either. Hopefully we’ll see a few added to the catalog in the future. While a few of the colors in this collection weren’t new, most of them are fairly unique, and I’m quite happy with the collection.



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