Julep May 2016: Rainbow Bright


The Rainbow Bright Collection included:

  • 7 Nail Colors
  • 3 Your Lip Addiction Tinted Lip Oils

In terms of polish, the collection features a lot of bright, shimmery shades in various colors. In addition to the listed items in the Rainbow Bright Collection, a fourth lip oil in clear was originally going to be included. Unfortunately, it didn’t make it in time for the collection, but it will be coming to the site soon.


Riley (45) is a Classic with a Twist color, described as firecracker iridescent shimmer. In the online photos, it’s a very bright, shimmering red with tones of pink.

Firecracker is a great description for this color, which definitely pops. In person, Riley is slightly more orange-leaning but does have a strong pink shimmer. I think the combination of colors with a pink shimmer (rather than a silver or gold shimmer) really makes it a unique color.  Riley had a good formula that was easy to apply and had an average dry time. I used two thin coats to achieve full, rich coverage.


Summer (46) is a cantaloupe sheer iridescent in the It Girl profile. It’s a dominantly melon colored orange, with shades of pink mixed it.

Summer is true to the online appearance. It’s bright without being overpowering. The pink, which shows depending on the angle of lighting, helps to balance the orange. As described, this one is more sheer, so it required three coats to get full coverage and not have a visible nail line. The formula was easy to work with and apply evenly, so I think it could also be used as a fun topper. Summer also dried quickly, which made up for requiring three coats.


Mickey (47), a pink geranium ghost iridescent, is the second Classic with a Twist shade for May. The iridescence is subtle and brighter pink in shade, in a dark pink, crème base.

Mickey is a deep pink, too dark to be considered a hot pink, but still a bold shade. While the shimmer is quite present in the the bottle, I had trouble seeing shimmer on the nail or on the swatches. I don’t get the ghost shimmer type finish, as it’s so subtle, you can’t really see it. That being said, it’s still a great dark pink. Mickey’s formula was a breeze to use, and dried fast, but I noticed it did dry a bit uneven (I think due to the shimmery particles). I only needed one coat for full coverage, which was definitely impressive.


Regina (48) is a Bombshell polish in nebula pink iridescent chrome. Regina is almost more purple than pink, but has tones of both colors. The iridescence is quite present in this shade.

Regina is just as pictured, a bright, pinkish purple with lots of shimmery iridescence. I found it to be a fun, unique color. It’s my second favorite this month. It had a good formula that applied evenly and had a pretty standard dry time. Regina is more sheer, so it took three coats for full coverage. Like Summer, I think it might also be an interesting topper to change the look of other polishes.


Pepper (49), a cornflower multidimensional shimmer, is the Wonder Maven color of the month. In the swatches, Pepper is a blue with purple tones, and a purple and silver shimmer. I was probably most excited for this color in the collection.

Pepper did not disappoint, and quickly won my affections. It matches the online appearance, and shows shades of purple depending on the lighting. The shimmer is quite silver, and works perfectly with the color of the base. The formula is a good consistency, and applies well, but is stronger smelling than a standard Julep. This seems to be the norm with brighter blues, so I assume it’s the blue pigment. I had full coverage with two thin coats, which dried pretty quickly. I do want to note that Pepper is likely a mild stainer, based on my swatching experience, but this is easily resolved with a good base coat.


Wilma (50) is described as mojave sunrise gold chrome, in the Boho Glam profile. It’s a softer, almost earthy gold, with shades of pink in the mix.

Wilma really does remind me of a soft sunrise. While it is primarily a medium-light gold tone, it also shifts to pink and almost a rosy purple. I used flash in the swatch on white so you can see the purple tones. While this is the least bright of the collection, I love the color shift, and think it’s unlike any other Julep gold. It goes on evenly and has a pretty standard dry time. In two thin coats, I had complete coverage.


Francine (51), the second Boho Glam color, is a seaglass iridescent chrome. It appears to be a paler, light green with some yellow undertones. Francine is highly iridescent, with a lot of shimmer.

In person, Francine was more green and more saturated than I expected. It’s not as pale as it seems online. While it does have some gold iridescence, the base doesn’t have the yellow undertones I was expecting. I will be curious to see how this compares to Shay, as they seem fairly similar. The formula had a good consistency and applied well. I was nervous about the dry time for this one, as iridescent Juleps like this one tend to have long dry times, but it was only slightly more than average. I applied three thin coats to achieve full coverage, but I think you could get away with two thick coats. Francine might also make an interesting topper.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I have to say I was quite impressed by this collection. The colors are gorgeous, fun, and perfect for the start of summer. All seven shades had good formulas that applied easily, and most of the colors had pretty fast dry times, which is always a plus. I think the only way I would have changed the collection, if I was designing it myself, would have been to include a bright yellow holo (as Julep does have a tendency to neglect yellow, and I’d love to seem them make some more holographics). That being said, I’m really excited about this collection, and think it’s the best one so far this year. Well done, Julep!



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