Ever After Fly With Me On Broken Wings


In honor of National Infertility Awareness week (April 24-30, 2016), Ever After polish released a set named Fly With Me On Broken Wings. The set was a preorder for a polish, crelly, and dropper of oil, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Baby Quest Foundation, which provides financial assistance for fertility treatments to couples that can’t afford it. In announcing the set, one of the makers shared her own experiences in the fan group, which really impressed me. Infertility issues aren’t something people discuss openly (even though we should), and it was a very brave and touching choice.

BrokenWingsCrellyOilI was interested in both the cause and the products being offered, so I purchased the set. All three items in the set are named Fly With Me On Broken Wings. The cuticle crelly and cuticle oil are scented with a soft and caring blend of lemon, jasmine, vanilla, and lily. At first it might sound as though this is a busy smell, but the elements blend perfectly together to create an amazing scent. Soft and caring is a perfect description, as this scent is somehow warm, fresh, and clean, all at the same time. No one note overpowers any of the others. This is going to sound silly to say, but this scent reminds me of a really great hug. It’s definitely in my top three Ever After scents. As expected, both the crelly and the oil had great formulas that provide a lot of moisture and benefits, absorb well, and don’t leave oily residue. I really hope they consider offering this scent again, as I’m completely on board.

The polish is described as a stunning blue with pink shifting flakes. It’s a deep but bright blue, that has holographic glitter as well as flakes. The flakes have a great purple to pink shift, and I think some teal and blue shift as well. It’s a beautiful shade that looks lovely in the bottle and on the nail. I’ve included a zoomed in picture, which although not of great quality, helps show the glitter and flakes.

In terms of formula, Fly With Me On Broken Wings is a great consistency that makes it easy to control how much goes on the nail. It was easy to apply, and I had full coverage in two thinnish coats. I decided to add a third coat to make the color a bit richer and deeper, but I would have been happy with two coats as well. The dry time was pretty standard, and I topped with regular top coat. Fly With Me On Broken Wings has also been very durable, as it has been through multiple rounds of dishes without a single chip. Unfortunately, it has been raining nonstop for days, so I wasn’t able to capture this beauty in the sun, but it still looks stunning indoors.

I’m really happy with everything in this set, and would definitely purchase it again. I love that the set honors an issue so many people struggle with, and raises awareness about infertility. The crelly and oil smell absolutely wonderful, and I’m betting it won’t be long before I’ve used them up. The polish is a beautiful color with just the right amount of rainbow, and I’m very glad to have it in my collection.




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