Julep May 2016 Color Comparisons

As I mentioned in my review, the May Collection has been my favorite so far this year, and I felt that a lot of the colors were quite unique. The best test of this is always how easy or hard of a time I have finding swatches for comparing colors. I’m pleased to report that it was a challenge to find 6 reasonable comparisons for many of the May polishes, and some of them really stand out.


Mickey is the one color this month that wasn’t really very unique. It’s pretty similar to Eva and Drew in shade, albeit not an exact dupe. The shimmer makes it slightly more creative, but as I mentioned in my review, it’s a barely there shimmer, so it doesn’t make a significant difference. I think more could have been done here to make this a new and interesting polish.


There are a lot of Julep bright reds, so I wasn’t surprised to find that a number of orangey reds were close to Riley in base shade. While it didn’t photograph as well as I would have liked, what really differentiates Riley is the pink shimmer, which no other red has.


Summer is one of those shades that was hard to place in color order (melon and peach colors are hard because you have to chose between pink and orange, and they don’t fit perfectly into either). Summer is closest to Carolyn and Princess Grace in shade, but not really similar. The gold shimmer and pink undertones create a lot of dimension give it a distinctive look.


At a first glance, Wilma seems to be similar to Soleil, but when you look closer, Wilma has more shimmer compared to Soleil’s metallic look. Wilma also has a shinier finish than Soleil. The second photo is a bit overexposed, but I wanted to show Wilma’s purple tones, which really differentiate it from any other golds.


While the reviews of Francine were positive, a lot of people also pointed out that it appeared to be quite similar to Shay, which came out in the January Collection. While the two have some similarities, Shay is a much bluer green, whereas Francine has a lot of gold tones to it. Francine’s iridescent finish makes it very different from other colors that are close in shade.


It’s pretty clear from the pictures that Pepper is completely unique. Isabela is the closest in color, but you can’t really compare Pepper’s silvery shimmer to Isabela’s creme. I’m always pleased to see something truly new, and Pepper definitely falls into that category.


Much like Pepper, little explanation is needed for Regina. It really doesn’t compare to anything in the existing catalog, bringing a completely new shade to the finish. While a few are close(ish) in shade, the iridescent finish really stands out from the crowd.


Overall, I have to give the May Collection five stars for being a unique and interesting collection. While a few of the colors could have been more differentiated, the collection had a number of completely new shades, and none of the polishes were complete dupes. Doing the comparisons really confirmed for me that this is my favorite collection of the year so far.



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