Ever After Father’s Day Set 2016


It’s hard to believe it’s already June, but here we are. That means Father’s Day is just around the corner, and many of us are looking for a gift for the men in our lives, whether it be a father, grandfather, father figure, significant other, family friend, etc. Some of you are undoubtedly excellent and creative gift givers, but if you’re like me, you have a perfect idea once in a while, and no ideas the rest of the time. Thankfully, Ever After is releasing a Father’s Day set that should solve any gift-giving problems, and they were kind enough to send a set to me ahead of time to review before the launch tomorrow.

FathersDay1The Father’s Day set includes a 4 oz jar of hand crelly, a 4 oz jar of shave whip, and a 2 oz dropper of after shave, for just $15. The set will be available in Intuition, a masculine blend of cedar wood sandal wood and rich musk, and in a new scent, Savvy, with notes of citrus zest, cedar leaf, rich spices, vetiver, white pepper, deep musk, and light patchouli. Intuition is one of my favorite two Ever After scents, so I’m always pleased to see it being offered. It’s very manly but not overpowering, and I really like it for myself or for a guy. I have no doubt that both scents are great choices, and I think most guys would be happy with either.

I’ve written about Ever After’s Crelly before, and you can check out that post here. The Hand Crelly comes in a 4 oz jar, and is absolutely delightful. Ever After’s Crelly is light, soft, and packs a lot of moisturizing power. It has a number of oils that provide nutrition to your skin, and it absorbs very well- no greasy hands afterwards. I have my own stockpile of Crelly and have also gifted it to a number of people (including my dad), and everyone is always impressed by it.

The Shave Whip also comes in a 4 oz jar. It is perfectly light and fluffy, as you can see in the pictures. It’s not sticky or soapy, and has a really nice texture. I gave it a trial run, and my fiancé (Tim) was pretty enthusiastic when I asked him to try it out as well. (Thanks, Tim!) We both noticed that a little goes a long way here, so you’re really getting a good value. You can use much less than you might with a standard gel shaving cream, and it’s already lathered for you. It softens your skin while helping you get a nice, close shave. Plus, we both smelled wonderful!

EverAfterAftershaveThe After Shave comes in a 2 oz dropper bottle. Tim doesn’t normally use After Shave, but I think he’ll be using this in the future. This one doesn’t have any harsh ingredients, like alcohol, which is often in after shave, and can really dry out your skin. Ever After After Shave (or Ever After Shave, which Tim is calling it) has Vitamin E, which really softens and nourishes your skin. Tim said he noticed it really prevented razor burn, and his skin felt much softer throughout the day. He also said the scent lasted all day. I’m very happy to have him smelling like Intuition, and he really liked the scent, too. I’m not going to pretend I didn’t also try the After Shave after I shaved my armpits (I know, I’m a weirdo, but I wanted to see what it was like so I could write about it!). I have to agree with Tim- my skin was softer, it prevented razor-burn, and the smell was there all day, without being overpowering.


I’m so clever

This is a great set that provides all the essentials for some manly pampering. It’s both man and woman tested and approved. Also available this Sunday at noon will be a beard oil, Intuition Crelly in all sizes, and the polishes Pasadena, Mrs. Robinson, and Oh Oh It’s Magic.

So, this Father’s Day, get the men in your life some products they’ll really use and enjoy. Because when men smell better, we all win.



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