Julep Zodiac: Taurus

The 4th polish of the Zodiac Collection is Taurus, for April 21st – May 21st. I waited for a good coupon code to pick of Taurus and get Gemini for free, so this review is coming a little late. Taurus is a “jeweled lilac duo metallic polish…made to complement Taurus’ earthy, sensual nature.”

Taurus is a medium purple metallic polish. In the online photos, you don’t see a lot of the duo metallic effect in a single photo, but it appears differently in each photo (I’m curious to know how this differs from a duo chrome). The dollop shows some reddish hues in the polish, while the mani photo appears to be more of a true purple.

I initially figured Taurus would be a pretty but relatively uninteresting polish. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was quite duo-metallic, and I captured a number of different shades in my pictures. The only difference between duo-chrome and duo-metallic that I can see is the finish, which makes sense. Duo-chromes are a chrome finish, and this has a more shimmery, metallic finish (shocking, I know!). The first photo mosaic shows the dominant shade of Taurus, a medium purple that leans a hint pink. The photos below show the full range of color. I have to say, it’s probably the best duo-color polish I’ve seen from Julep, and I took way too many pictures, but I loved how it looked different in each one.

In terms of formula, I found Taurus to be easy to use and apply. It had a pretty quick dry time, suggesting they are improving on the Zodiac formulas. It was also much longer wearing than I’ve found previous Zodiac colors to be. I had full coverage in two coats, with great color saturation. My only criticism is that I did notice some shrinkage on the edges of my nails, which you can see in some of the more angled pictures. I’m about midway through my current bottle of topcoat, and it is starting to thicken just a tad, so I can’t say for sure whether this was Taurus or the top coat. I’ll be adding some thinner to it before my next mani so this doesn’t happen again.

Color Comparisons

I wasn’t sure how Taurus would stack up compared to the existing catalog, as there are a decent amount of shimmery purple Juleps. However, I couldn’t think of any colors off the top of my head that might be exact dupes for Taurus.

It wasn’t a challenge to pick the comparison colors once I pulled out my swatch sticks, but I was pleased to find that none of the colors were exactly the same. While I wasn’t able to capture the duo-metallic effect in these photos, Taurus still stands on its own, and is different from any of the other Julep purple.

Taurus is definitely the best of the Zodiacs so far, in my opinion. I saw a significant improvement in formula, and really enjoyed wearing this one. I’m hopeful that the collection will continue to improve, giving us some really interesting polishes throughout the year.



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