Fair Maiden Lucifer and Scar

ScarLuciferBottlesBe prepared for sensational news! Last weekend, Fair Maiden launched the Feline Catty? Collection, featuring 7 colors inspired by various Disney cats, both good and bad. I really loved the collection, and decided to purchase the complete set of minis. I will try to feature them all or do a quick collection review post at some point. For now, I’m sharing my current mani using Scar and Lucifer.

I decided to try something new, and finally use my dotting tools to dot. Dotting tools can be had for $3-$5 on Amazon and on various nail supply sites, but if you don’t want to invest, many household items will do the trick, including toothpicks and bobby pins. I wanted a mani that was bold, bright, and maybe even a bit bad. With some meticulous planning, tenacity spanning, I decided to paint my nails with Lucifer, and then dot them with Scar. I decided they had more than a glimmer of potential, if allied to my vision and brain. Lucifer is described as a black teal-purple chroma shifter with iridescent gold micro flake, and Scar is a bold and bright jade green creme with color shifting shimmer red to violet. I thought the purple shimmer in Scar would complement the purple shift in Lucifer, and the neon green would really pop off the nail.

I started with Lucifer, which had a great formula that was devilishly easy to work with and apply evenly. I was concerned that the mini brushes might be harder to use, but I was very happy with the quality of the FM mini brush. While it is smaller than a full size brush, it has a good shape that still gives you a fair amount of control. I ended up going a bit thicker than I normally do with my second coat, and had full, rich coverage with just two coats. Lucifer also dried quickly, allowing me to start dotting with Scar right away.

I used the brush of Scar to let a some nail polish drip onto a piece of paper (this is where I would use a nail mat if I had one). I then used that little puddle to dip my dotting tool and put dots on the nail. I did my best to apply them with even spacing. I re-dipped my dotter for each dot, as they don’t look good when the polish is too thin. I was really impressed with how well Scar maintained its color on top of Lucifer. It takes a bit longer for the dots to dry, since they are thicker than a standard coat of polish. That being said, they still dried pretty quickly, and I didn’t end up having to put in much more time than I would for a standard mani. A shining new era is tiptoeing nearer, as I finished my mani off with a glossy top coat.

I was pretty happy with the results of my nail art. The two colors work well together, creating a summery and fun look. In natural light, Lucifer shifts from black to midnight blue and very deep purple. In the sun, it’s a raspberry purple with undertones of red. The shimmer is present in all lighting, with hints of green/teal, blue, purple, and of course the gold micro flakes. Playing off of these colors, Scar is a true, bright green that matches the green/teal shimmer in Lucifer perfectly. The red and violet shimmer in Scar matches similar tones in Lucifer. I know they weren’t made as a matched set, but they work together to create villainous perfection.

I’m really glad I decided to purchase this collection, and can’t wait to try out more of the colors. My nails and ambitions are bared, so be prepared for some more Feline Catty? manis in the future!



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