Julep Zodiac: Gemini

The 5th polish of the Zodiac Collection is Gemini, for May 22nd – June 21st. Gemini is a “social chartreuse – for the live-wire Gemini personality.”

Gemini is a bright, yellowish green metallic polish. In the dollop photo, you can see tones of a darker, true green around the edges. The shade is a metallic peridot that really shines and provides a pop of color.

It seems like Julep is continuing the trend of better and better Zodiac formulas, as I found the Gemini formula to be just as good as any other Julep metallic polish. It had a standard thickness, which made it really easy to paint on the nail and maintain good control. I had fully opaque coverage in two thin-medium coats, which had an average dry time.

In terms of color, Gemini is a bold green, and it took a bit of getting used to. For some reason, I find true green to be one of the weirdest colors to wear as polish in general, even though I love green. However, once I warmed up to it, I really started liking this summery, fun shade. It has a lot of metallic shine, which I think makes the color even brighter. While this polish appears differently in different lighting, sometimes having more yellow undertones, and others appearing more sage-green, it is really only one color at a time. (It isn’t described as a duo-metallic, so I didn’t expect it to be one, but wanted to note that as it looked like it might have duo effect in based on the dollop.) I really enjoyed the vibrancy of this color, especially since it encouraged me to go a bit outside my comfort zone.

Color Comparisons

My biggest concern, which I saw expressed by a number of people, was that Gemini would be very similar to Betsey, which is a peridot birthstone iridescent shimmer, released in August 2015 as part of the Birthstone Collection. Otherwise, I didn’t think any other greens would be too close to Gemini, due to its relatively unique finish.

Although it has more yellow tones, Gemini is very close to Betsey in color. Betsey does have a slight purple shift in certain light, and is greener, but the two are very close. Betsey also requires more coats for opacity, so Gemini wins for me. Otherwise, Gemini is fairly different from the remaining colors, especially given different finishes. That being said, it would have been nice to see something that wasn’t so close to another special collection color.

Overall, I still like Gemini, despite its similarities to Betsey. It’s an interesting color with a really good formula, which goes a long way for me. It’s a good color, and I’d choose it over Betsey, which doesn’t cover as well. It’s appropriate for the season and provides a much needed green in the Zodiac collection. All in all, not bad.



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