Joy Lacquer Gum Wall


Joy Lacquer is an indie brand based out of Seattle, created by maker Joy Lacher. According to the site, it was “named after the common mispronunciation of my own last name, the name Joy Lacquer was born out of sheer logic.  Now it’s certainly a tongue twister, on a daily basis.” Joy has an impressive catalog of thermals, solars, flakies, shimmers, glitters, and many other polishes, in addition to various body products. You can visit the site at In May, Joy Lacquer released the Emerald City Itinerary, a 7 piece collection inspired by famous landmarks/locations in Seattle. I had heard of the brand before, but didn’t own any of the polishes. When I saw the polish Gum Wall, I knew I had to have it. It was too fun not to own.

After discovering Gum Wall, I spent a few days browsing the site and narrowing down my selections, and placed a small order. One of the other items I purchased was a solar polish trio, which I will share with you later this month. I’ve been really excited to use Gum Wall and share this mani since I purchased the polish.

GumWallMacroGum Wall is a vibrant glitter topcoat packed with reflective, circular glitter in a numerous sizes and colors. According to the site, Gum Wall, “the cute kind, not the biohazard, is made from millions of multi-sized and multi-colored round dot glitters. An iconic wall of Post Alley in Pike Place Market was the inspiration for this bubbly polish, and to think just last year it was scraped away by the city! And so it begins again…better pack some bubblegum and head to Seattle to help us rebuild the ABC gum landmark!”

JulepColtonThe polish pals advised the Gum Wall would pop best on a dark background, so I used Julep Colton as my undie. Colton is a black iris crème polish, with a very smooth formula. It applied well, and had full coverage in one coat, so it was a perfect undie to use. It’s a very very dark purple, almost black in some light. I noticed after the fact that it photographs pretty black, but in person, it has a bit more purple to it. It’s a very rich, smooth color to use as a background, and I’m really glad B recommended it.

I then painted on one coat of Gum Wall on top. For the most part, the glitter distributed well, only requiring a few swipes on each nail to achieve a good amount of coverage. The base had a good thickness that was easy to work with and dried in an average amount of time. You definitely want to make sure you’ve got a good amount of glitter on the brush to make sure it applies to the nail. On one nail, I didn’t get any glitter at all the first application, but I attribute this to not checking if there was enough on the brush before I painted, because it was the only time I had an issue. I was pleased with the first coat of glitter, and decided to do my second coat by using a dotting tool, so I could control the placement of the second coat.

I dropped dollops of Gum Wall onto a plastic tray, and used my dotting tool to pick up and place individual pieces of glitter. I probably got a bit carried away, but the dotting tool worked really well, and I filled in the rest of my nails with this method. Once everything was dry, I topped with glossy top coat to smooth out my mani and to ensure it didn’t chip.

I absolutely love how this mani turned out. Gum Wall is bright, cheerful, and all-around just fun. It’s reflective and catches the light really well. I love the look of this mani; it kind of reminds me of a bejeweled/bedazzled sweater. The glitter is yellow, magenta, true green, light purple, and red, with blue, orange, dark purple, pink, and holographic pieces as well. There are probably even more colors but I won’t try to pick them all out. Suffice to say, it’s an excellent rainbow blend. I will definitely be revisiting this polish, and almost wish I had a second bottle!

This was my first Joy Lacquer mani, and I’m definitely sold. I can’t wait to try more of the colors I ordered, which I will share with you as I go. If you haven’t checked out this brand yet, I recommend it. Thanks for stopping by!




4 thoughts on “Joy Lacquer Gum Wall

  1. Thank you so much; your reply was super useful! Thanks especially for clarifying the difference between “out of stock” and “in the Vault.” I had emailed CS about both Cora and the eyeshadow sticks, and the response I got made me think they were on their way to the Vault; i.e. that “out of stock” pretty much meant it was headed that way. But wouldn’t you know, after I posted here yesterday I visited the site to take advantage of the 50% off sale, and there was Cora, back in stock! I was so relieved! 🙂

    I guess it still worries me/bums me out that I need to think of everything as “limited edition” because I think that if I find a polish I love, I should buy multiple bottles of it “just in case.” Maybe I’ll get over that. I suppose it’s the price we pay for Julep’s innovative spirit. 🙂

    Thanks again for your help!


  2. Ooooh…I live in Seattle, and while I think the actual Gum Wall is disgusting, I might just need to get that nail polish. 🙂

    I’ve been meaning to ask you a couple of questions about Julep products, since you obviously have experience with them! 🙂

    1) How often, would you say, do products come back from “The Vault?” I just became a Maven a couple of months ago. I ordered Cora and instantly fell in love with it, only to have it disappear into The Vault. Same with a couple of eyeshadow sticks. I love that they’re constantly innovating and releasing new products, but I can find myself becoming constantly disappointed by not being able to reorder the things I love. I sent an email to customer service but got a pretty vague reply–“Often popular items do come back!”

    2) I started out with a 3-month subscription, but skipped last month’s box. Will they recharge my card at the end of the original 3 months, or does my skipping a box bump it out a month? I’ve looked for the answer to this but haven’t been able to find it.

    Thanks so much! Enjoying your blog!


    • I’ve actually never been to Seattle, so I haven’t seen it, but I think I’ll stick to the polish version!

      1. About the Vault. One thing that can be a little confusing- there’s a difference between out of stock and in the Vault. Vaulted polishes are permanently retired unless they are specially brought back. Out of Stock is just not available right now, but will likely be back in stock. It’s helpful to add them to your wishlist to keep track. In 2015, one vault polish was brought back every month. They did the same in 2016, but stopped early in the year and have not brought any more vault colors back since. Vaulted colors can be found under polish>collections>the vault on the Julep site.
      Products cannot be in the vault. They’re either out of stock or just permanently gone. Technically, all Julep collections are limited edition, and only become “core” if they sell well. With the eyeshadows, there were a lot of packaging problems, which is why many of us suspect they were pulled. Jane has mentioned a few times that the old colors will be back in August or September, so crossing my fingers. There’s not really a good way to know what will stick around. Some things also become QCV exclusives. You just kind of have to keep an eye on things, unfortunately.
      In terms of finding stuff that’s out of stock, if you’re on Facebook, I recommend the Julep Swap group. Be sure to read the rules, but there are a ton of helpful ladies in there, and people are often destashing and selling products they don’t need/can’t use. You can also post in that group that you are looking for things. You can always check my blog destash, too. I actually have a Cora for sale right now (although it looks like you can add it to your cart on Julep’s site right now).
      Phew! Hope that’s helpful.

      2. You only pay in months you take the box. So if you’re on the 3 month plan, and you’ve only taken 2 boxes, you won’t be charged this month. Or if you’ve taken 3, but are skipping, you won’t be charged until you take a box. Hope that makes sense. You have unlimited skips, so if you only took 3 boxes a year for example, you’d only be charged once.

      Always feel free to reach out with other questions!


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