Julep June 2016 Color Comparisons

I made it pretty clear in my monthly review that I found the June Collection to be a little disappointing, especially on the heels of a really well-curated May Collection. Aside from the fact that it was a really disjointed collection, I was also disappointed by the lack of uniqueness in the colors. For the most part, I was able to quickly pinpoint the colors to use in my comparison, the results of which you can see below.


Naveena was one of the more unique colors this month, and the first jelly (or sheer for that matter) to be done in a dark teal. It bears some resemblance to Chrissy, but has more blue tones whereas Chrissy leans more green. Taryn is probably the closest in terms of color, but the finishes are so different it’s hard to compare. All in all, Naveena is definitely a new addition to the collection.


Lindsey falls in between Minnie and Juliana, but is not the same as either. Juliana is brighter and more saturated, whereas Lindsey is a more neutral shade. Minnie, on the other hand, is lighter and more of a salmon pink. While Lindsey isn’t the most innovative color, it’s not a close match for anything in the current catalog, so I’m willing to call it unique.


I was really excited for Adrian, as 2015 only had one yellow polish released. However, I was disappointed to see it was a crème, rather than one of the many finishes that don’t have a yellow polish, especially since most of the existing yellows are crème. I found Adrian to be extremely close to Lilou in color, and wish they had gone with a more unique shade and finish.


Lorraine was my favorite polish of this collection, and I was pleased to discover that it was quite difficult to find colors for comparison. It balances so well between pink and purple that every color I compared it to seemed either too pink, too purple, or too saturated. It falls pretty well in between Julep and Rae in terms of color, but is clearly different from both.


Julep has many pale pink crèmes, so it was pretty easy to pick comparison colors. Luella is closest to Madeline, although Madeline is a textured, sea salt polish, which really separates the two. However, Luella is also quite close to Carla, another light pink crème. while I won’t go so far as to call them dupes, they’re quite similar, and I don’t feel that Luella really added anything to the current catalog.


Rather than compare all of the light blue crèmes, I wanted to compare Matilda to other colors closest in shade, even if some were more saturated. There are other light blue crème, but they have a lot more green in them, whereas Matilda leans more purple. Most of the other colors in this shade are more saturated, including Isabela. Although Margaret leans a bit more true blue than Matilda, the two are fairly close, and it would have been nice to see something a bit more distinct.


Alaina wasn’t listed as back from the vault, and was never in the vault, so I’m not really sure how to classify it. But, I compared it to the original, and found them to be identical. It’s also extremely close to Gracie, a recent QCV exclusive color released in the late spring. Because Alaina was still available, and Gracie, a near dupe, just debuted, it would have been nice to see something new added to the catalog instead.



Doing June’s color comparisons largely confirmed what I had anticipated in my review, while a few of the colors are fairly unique, most of the collection’s shades are just slight variations on existing colors. While I really liked a few of the colors, and was happy to see any yellow at all, I think this month could have been a lot better. In the future (and I know I always say this), I’d really like to see more variations on some of the newer finishes, rather than rehashing color/finish combinations that have been done multiple times.



3 thoughts on “Julep June 2016 Color Comparisons

    • Although it’s listed as a greyed periwinkle blue, Rebecca is really more of a lavender polish. Compared to a true purple, Rebecca seems blueish, but when compared to Matilda, it is clear that the two are pretty distinct. Matilda really is a light blue, whereas Rebecca is in the purple family. I try to include the closest matches in my pictures, and didn’t include Rebecca in the comparison because it seemed pretty dissimilar. Hope that helps! I’m working on finding a way to allow picture comments so I can share comparison photos on request in the future, so I can respond better to questions like this.


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