Ever After Little Foot

Today’s post is all about Ever After’s Little Foot, which has very quickly become my all-time favorite polish. Little Foot was an exclusive polish, created for the Nail Whisperer’s April My Favorite Things subscription box, which was themed, “My Little Dino” (wow that was a mouthful). Little Foot was named for and inspired by the main character of The Land Before Time series, which I have loved since childhood. I may or may not own all thirteen movies on DVD, although the original is obviously the best.

I actually didn’t purchase the box, which was a decision I quickly regretted when I realized how incredible Little Foot was. I was a bit polish heartbroken, as very few bottles were destashed, and those that were went for a premium price (and fairly so). A lot of people were and still are in search of this color, so I knew it wasn’t likely I’d ever get my hands on it. Thankfully, a good friend was my polish guardian angel, and was able to procure me a bottle, which I desperately wanted. Thank you guardian angel, because this is truly my favorite polish! I am eternally grateful.


Absolutely Devine

Little Foot is described as a pale lavender crelli base with scattered holo and bronze/red chrome flakies. It’s a very taupe-y, earthy lavender, which really complements the flakies. They appear copper or bronze in most light, with flashes of pink and red in the sun. The scattered holo gives it a very shimmery look in indirect light, and a stunning rainbow brilliance in direct light.

In addition to being beyond gorgeous, it has a wonderful formula that goes on smoothly and controls well. It’s really packed with flakies, so they distribute evenly on the nail. I used two thin coats for full coverage; each coat dried in standard time. I was really happy with the application, and topped with Gelous Top Coat for a glossy finish.

I think the photos really speak for themselves. It’s just a beautiful color. There’s a lot going on, but it doesn’t feel like the polish is too busy; each aspect of the polish plays off of the others to create this beautiful blend. It’s fun and playful, but sophisticated at the same time. It really is the best polish I’ve ever worn, and I have no doubt it will reign as my favorite for a long time.



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