TBT Vault Style: Avni and Rebel

AvniRebelBottlesWhile I was deciding what polishes to try and feature in the upcoming weeks, I realized that I hadn’t done a TBT Vault Style in far too long. Since I recently purchased some stamping plates, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to use one of them and revisit some Vault colors. I needed two colors that would contrast well and complement each other, and of course, something pigmented enough to stamp well. I decided to use Avni and stamp it with Rebel, on the advice of the Polish Pals.

Avni is an African violet shimmer; a really bright, royal purple color. Rebel, a silver holographic, was the perfect choice for stamping, as metallic colors generally tend to stamp well. I started with one coat of Avni on my nails. On my righthand ring finger, I did one coat of Rebel, to reverse the look and see how Avni would stamp. Avni applied well, with a smooth formula that made it easy to get even application. It also dried quickly. With one coat, it seems like a pretty standard purple, and not particularly special. After the second coat, I had full, rich coverage, with a brilliant, shiny finish that really stands apart from a lot of other purples. Rebel was another story. The first coat was easy to apply, and seemed to dry in average time with a semi-matte finish (like most Julep holos). However, when I went to apply the second coat, I found that the first coat hadn’t actually dried, and made a mess of the polish. I found it was challenging to get two even coats on the nail, due to the long dry time and formula that somehow becomes more difficult to use after the first coat.


Once everything was truly dry, I used MoYou London’s Flower Power 16 Plate to stamp paisley designs on my nails. I didn’t use every design on the plate, but I used most of them. Despite not having a good time painting with Rebel, I found it stamped quite well. The stamper was able to easily pick up and apply the design, without any fading (which can happen with less pigmented colors). The designs applied perfectly to the nail, and as an added bonus, I found Rebel was really easy to clean off of the plate. I only stamped one nail (my right ring finger) with Avni, but it wasn’t a great stamping polish. The color and design didn’t cover completely, giving it a faded look. Despite that, I was still very pleased with how the mani turned out, and after waiting an extra long time to make sure the design was dry (to avoid smearing), I applied a coat of Gelous Top Coat. It’s also important in stamping to apply the top coat in as few swipes as possible (also to avoid smearing), which I felt I was able to do successfully.

Rebel was one of Julep’s first holographic polishes, and it’s definitely more subtle than most of the other holos they’ve made. That being said, it still has holographic shine, especially in the sun. It’s a great bright silver polish, and while it didn’t paint well for me, I’ll definitely be using it to stamp again in the future. I love the sparkly rainbow look. While Avni might not be a good stamper, it’s a beautiful color, both vibrant and deep at the same time. The shimmer is very fine, and gives the polish a hint of a metallic look, making it shine. I know it’s in the vault, but if you happen to be able to find one, I think Avni is a great addition to any collection.


I was very happy with the final results, and thought the paisley pattern was beautiful. It’s an intricate look that was simple to achieve. I love how every nail was different, but still matched. My recent stamping experiences have worked out well, and convinced me that stamping definitely needs to be a more frequent part of my nail routine. The more you practice, the easier it becomes, and it can give you a detailed, creative mani without requiring hours of effort. These polishes and stamping plate definitely have my seal of approval.



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