Julep July 2016: Into the Sea


The Into The Sea Collection included:

  • 7 Nail Colors, including one re-release
  • 9 New Lip Shade Sheer Lip Butters
  • 2 New So Radiant Diamond Powder Bronzers
  • 1 New Lip Gloss in Delighted

This month’s collection was a large release, with multiple beauty products included in the launch. The polishes are largely brighter, summery colors, and the collection seems to be pretty cohesive. There was an issue with the Lip Shades, which you can read about here if you want, as I won’t be discussing it in this post. In addition, I have already  posted a separate review of the Lip Shades, and was pleased with them. You can find that post here. While I doubted this would be my favorite collection of the year, it seemed fairly promising, and I was hopeful for a number of the shades.



Mallory (61) is a Classic with a Twist polish in pink lotus crème. Mallory appears to be a medium shade of true pink. It’s not a hot pink, but still offers a bright pop of color.

I was immediately won over by Mallory’s one coat coverage, which is always a great feature. It had an average to slow dry time, but since you only need one coat, it doesn’t really matter. It has a nice glossy finish that really makes the color look complete. I did find Mallory to be a bit darker in person compared to the website. It’s a deeper, but still bright pink, perfect for the last months of summer. I’m not sure how it will compare to Julep’s many other pink crèmes, but with the one coat coverage, it’s really a winner for me.


Tomi (62), a bermuda blue holographic jelly, is the Wonder Maven shade for July. In the online swatches, Tomi appears to be a great turquoise blue jelly, packed with reflective holo. Yiyi and Cecile, the other two holo jellies, did not disappoint, so I was excited for this shade.

The polish had a smooth formula that was easy to apply and went on the nail smoothly. It had a pretty standard dry time and is definitely buildable. I’ve done one coat on my ring finger, two on my middle finger, and three on my index finger. As you apply more coats, you do start to lose the jelly effect; it’s pretty opaque at three coats. Tomi was slightly more turquoise in person than I expected, but I was still very happy with this robin’s egg mixed with sky blue shade. I did see a lot of people online saying it wasn’t holo, but I have to disagree. It’s not as brilliant as Yiyi or Cecile, but there’s definitely holo here, especially in the sun. All in all, a beautiful color.


Fleur (63) is described as an evening bloom matte glitter, in the It Girl profile. Fleur is Julep’s 5th matte confetti glitter polish, but offers a completely different spin from the others. Rather than a clear base, Fleur is a black jelly base, with lime green and sky blue hexagonal glitter in various sizes.

Fleur had a pretty standard formula, and applied well to the nail. Because the glitter is smaller, it distributed evenly across the nail, and seemed to stick well (sometimes it seems like glitter just won’t stick to the nail and stays on the brush). Like Tomi, I’ve done one, two, and three coats on my ring, middle, and index fingers respectively, to show how the polish builds. It had a slightly faster than average dry time. Because of the black base, I’d tend to consider this more of a main polish rather than a topper, but I think it could be used as a topper with only one coat. Two and three coats build it to a nice, deep black, which really makes the bright green and blue glitter pop. I’m generally a fan of the matte glitters, because they’re more unique, so I was very happy with this shade.


Annalise (64) is a Boho Glam color, listed as a vivid wisteria ghost iridescent. The dollop and bottle photos show light blue shimmer in this lighter purple shade, but it seems much more subtle on the nail swatch photo. Because the ghost polishes have tended to barely shimmer, I was curious to see how this one would turn out.

The formula wasn’t perfect, and I had a less even application with my first coat. I found it smoothed out with the second coat, and was much easier to apply. I opted for three thin coats to achieve full opacity. The dry time was pretty standard. I was pleasantly surprised to find the shimmer was very present, and I found the combination of light/medium purple with blue shimmer to be both unique and pretty. It’s not something Julep has done before, and I’d love to see more mixed shade shimmers in the future.


Eunice (65) is an ultramarine blue shimmer in the Bombshell profile. It’s a vibrant royal blue, packed with silvery-blue shimmer. Eunice is a deep, bold shade perfect for summer and early fall.

Eunice had a standard formula that was easy to work with and went on evenly. I had good coverage and full opacity with two thin coats. The dry time was pretty standard for this polish. It’s a very saturated blue that manages to be deep and bright at the same time. I was really pleased with the shade, as I love blues, but one concern is that it will be extremely similar to Austen. Although I have to see how close they are, I have to admit that I love Eunice anyway, because it’s right up my alley.


Camilla (66) is the other Bombshell color for the month, in grape lollipop jelly. It’s a very true purple shade, with the squishy, translucent jelly finish. It reminds me of grape Lifesavers or grape Jolly Ranchers.

Camilla’s formula was a tad thick, but just barely so, I did notice the application was slightly streaky. The dry time was pretty standard. I again did the one, two, and three coats to show how the polish builds. I think three coats look best, really achieving the grape color. One and two coats felt a little streaky, although maybe that could be avoided with careful application. I did get some kind of fuzz in the swatch stick…oops. The color was very true to the online swatches, and really is best described as grape jelly. That being said, I will be curious to see how it compares to Candy, Julep’s Rock Candy Nail Glaze purple, which is a very similar color and finish.


Sam (2015, 72) is a limeade crème in the It Girl profile. It’s listed as back from the Vault, and was originally released in the June 2015 Collection. I found the choice to include this in the collection pretty odd, as it was never actually in the vault, it’s barely a year old, and it doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of July’s polishes.

Sam was just disappointing. The formula seemed fine, but I noticed that each coat went on streaky. The dry time was pretty average, and I felt like I didn’t have full coverage due to the streakiness, even after three coats. I didn’t bother with a fourth coat because a four coat crème is just not something I’d use. Even the swatch didn’t paint well, and ended up a bit messy and flaky, which you can see in the photos. The color is definitely a limeade shade, yellow with tones of green, but it’s not really exciting. In some lights, it’s kind of an ugly shade; if people don’t like yellows (which I assume is the logic behind the gross neglect of yellow in polish), then they’re certainly not going to like yellow-green. I think this was a real missed opportunity to either bring back a color that was actually in the Vault, or to release a yellow jelly or holo, which would be much more appealing and unique.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Into the Sea Collection was a good collection, although not a great one. Sam was a definite misstep both in terms of fitting the collection and as a choice in general, but the rest of the colors complement each other and had good formulas. I would have liked to see a seafoam or teal shade to really round out the ocean theme, and think some of the polishes could have been more unique. That being said, it was definitely an improvement over the June Collection, and I liked the colors chosen for this collection.

Thanks for reading,



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