Fair Maiden Dinah and Rajah

DinahRajahBottlesIt’s Feline Catty? part two! I’m continuing to work my way through this lovely collection, trying new colors and new nail art as I go. If you didn’t catch my last post, the Feline Catty? Collection is a set of 7 gorgeous polishes inspired by various Disney Cats, released by Fair Maiden Polish in early June. This time, on the advice of B, I decided to pair Dinah, a bold magenta with violet flash and turquoise shimmer, and Rajah, a bright melon orange with blue flash, violet sparkle and 2 sizes gold holo particles.

I originally toyed with the idea of doing stripes, but ended up settling on a color block triangle instead. I started with one coat of Rajah on all my nails except my ring fingers. I decided to do my ring fingers opposite of the others, and painted those with Dinah. Rajah had a slightly thicker formula than average, but still applied well. The dry time was pretty standard, and I used two coats to achieve full opacity. Dinah’s formula was amazing. It was smooth, easy to work with, and best of all, provided full coverage with one medium coat. It dried quickly, with a shiny finish. I was especially pleased with this one.

Once the colors had dried, I applied one coat of quick drying top coat (in this case, Julep’s Freedom Polymer Top Coat). I saw a nail art tutorial that said to apply quick dry top coat before you put on striping tape, so the tape does not peel up your polish. Even if you wait for your nails to fully dry, tape still seems to pull up the color. I noticed this with my Purple Holo Mani, one of my earliest nail art attempts; the striping coat actually peeled up the base coat . Anyway, once the top coat dried, I used two pieces of striping tape to create an X on my nails, with the center of the X closer to the base of my nail. Then I filled in the resulting triangle with the opposite color, and immediately removed the striping tape. Because I have mini bottles, I was able to use the regular brush to carefully do this. Had I been using full size bottles, it probably would have been helpful to use a smaller nail art brush at the point of the triangle. Dinah covered really well, and I was pleased to find I could get full coverage with Rajah in one thick coat as well. Once all of this was dry, I topped with Gelous top coat.

I must admit, pink and orange are probably my least favorite colors, so I wasn’t sure how this mani would work out for me. The last time I used a hot pink on my nails, I couldn’t wait to take it off. I was pleased and a little surprised to find that I loved these colors, I think in part because they go together so well.

Dinah is definitely a very saturated, bright magenta, perfect for summer. I don’t think there’s a better way to describe it. The violet and turquoise shimmer is subtle but present, giving it cold tones, which is unique for a pink. Rajah is a juicy, fruity color that blends melon and orange tones perfectly. I didn’t notice the blue flash as much in Rajah, but I think the violet sparkle is definitely present, and really complements Dinah. The gold particles give the polish a bright sparkle, adding even more dimension to the color. They play off of each other to perfection, creating a fun, modern look that pops off of the nail.

My final thoughts? The Feline Catty? colors continue to impress me. I’m very happy I decided to purchase the collection, and it’s been a great introduction to FM. The colors are bright, cheerful, and have depth to them. The formulas have all been good and easy to apply, even with mini bottle brushes. I still have three more colors to use from this collection, and I can’t wait to give them a go.





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