ILNP Cygnus Loop

CygnusLoopBottleDespite having a number of ILNP polishes, I’ve never blogged about them before, aside from a short mention in my reverse stamping post. So today I’m please to be introducing them to the blog.

ILNP (I Love Nail Polish) is a boutiqe brand, well-known for their amazing ultra holos, ultra metallics, ultra chromes, and ultra chrome flakies (my favorite!). ILNP is 3-Free, does not test on animals, and makes “a conscious effort to avoid purchasing animal/insect derived materials like carmine and guanine/pearl, etc. as there are plenty of synthetic alternatives that perform the same or even better.” It’s also probably the most established boutique polish I’m aware of; their name is printed directly on the bottle, the labels look like a major brand, each polish comes in an ILNP box, the packaging is customized to fit their bottles, and they have a very quick turnaround time. At the same time, it has the feel of a true indie, with really unique products and a maker who is active and accessible to her fan group. You can check the brand out at

My first introduction to ILNP was through B, who gifted me several ILNPs as an engagement present. I immediately fell in love, probably because she picked colors that were absolutely perfect for me. Since then, I’ve added a few more to my collection, and built a very large wishlist. Today I’m sharing the newest addition, Cygnus Loop. According to the ILNP site, “who would’ve thought you could wear the remnants of a supernova on your fingertips? Cygnus Loop is a stunner of a polish that may just blow your mind right into another galaxy. Depending on the light and angle of your lovely fingertips, Cygnus Loop will shuffle through a bright purple, to orange, to yellow, and even a little bit of green. Woah!”

I found the formula really pleasing; I had good control and it applied very evenly to the nail. I haven’t used my ILNPs on my fingernails for a while, and did struggle a little to adapt to the brush. I find if you’re using a new brush, it takes a little bit to get used to it, so I’ll reserve judgement on if it was me or the brush for now. I had full coverage in two coats, which dried a little faster than average. The finish was very shiny and metallic. To complete my mani, I topped with Gelous to preserve the nice reflective effect.

The photos on the online site show the main color of Cygnus Loop to be a pretty bright, deep blue, so I was surprised to find it slightly more blurple than I expected. That being said, in certain lights, it was that exact, bold and dark blue, so it really depends on the lighting. This polish had more shift than any duochrome I’ve ever used, catching metallic shades of burnt orange, bright red, vibrant magenta, deep purple, shifting blurple, and bold blue, all depending on the light. I took way too many photos, mostly because I was just amazed at the versatility. It’s a gorgeous color with tons of shift and a great finish. I have nothing bad to say about this polish, and highly recommend it.

This isn’t my first ILNP mani, but it’s my first time blogging it, so here’s what I think so far. Cygnus Loop is amazing, and the rest of ILNP’s Ultra Chromes are just as good from what I hear. I’ve been nothing but pleased with the brand, as they have high quality polish, unique colors, and lots of good word-of-mouth in the polish community. I’m very excited to be sharing them here for the first time and look forward to some more ILNP manis in the future!





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