TBT Vault Style: Cara

I’m pleased to announce that my polish pal and guest blogger, B, is back with another TBT Vault Style post! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!



Hi everyone! I am here to offer another snazzy guest blog post, throwback style, for a polish in the Julep Vault: Cara. Cara is described as cranberry frost, and was part of the 2013 Glitterati collection. In looking back, it seems that Julep has had a penchant for doing a cranberry polish around the holidays. In December 2012, it was Petra (cranberry magenta with silver shimmer), in December 2013, it was Cara, in 2014, it wasn’t part of the monthly collection, but Neely (sparkly cranberry full coverage glitter) came out as part of the Reindeer Games duo, and in 2015, Rosaline (cranberry iridescent molten) was part of the Very Merry duo. It makes sense, since cranberries are a very “holiday” sort of food/inspiration color… at least they had the good sense to do it in a different finish each year. Perhaps 2016 will be the year of the cranberry jelly holographic?

I was in sort of a funk the other day, and decided to use this polish because it is bright and not something I would ordinarily reach for. I definitely see the cranberry inspiration, though Cara seems even brighter than your average cranberry to me. It almost looks a little rhubarby, if you will. In the bottle, it looks to be laced with a little bit of silver shimmer, though I found the silver didn’t translate well onto the nails.

I started off just with Cara on my nails:

Then I decided to try some stamping over it. First, I had to choose a design. I ended up going with a design from one of the plates I recently purchased from MoYou London. I’m digging the Arabesque collection – it’s fancy! The design I chose came from plate 03. I recommend this plate, as the etched lines of these designs are not so thin as to make stamping attempts futile. I used a clear squishy stamper that I’d purchased from the Fancy Gloss website awhile back. I like the clear stamper because it allows me to see precisely where I am placing my design.

My initial goal was to try to stamp a turquoise crème over Cara. Looking through my collection, the closest colors I had to the look I was considering were Moni and Cassidy. Neither was quite the look I was going for, but I figured I could get them to work.

Unfortunately, neither of these crèmes were opaque enough to make the turquoise pop, so they looked rather gray superimposed upon Cara. I ended up with an entire hand of outtakes, none of which produced the look I was going for, but I can confidently say now that Moni, Cassidy, Zelda, Magdalene, and Elizabeth all stamp well. You’ll have to trust me on that, I’m not going to include a photo of the “outtake hand.”

I ultimately decided to go with an older ILNP, Admire Me.


The two were contrasting enough, and Admire Me gave a hint of shiftiness plus holo. I was pleased with how it stamped, as well; it wasn’t patchy and transferred well onto the stamper, and eventually, the nail. Here are a couple photos of the finished product:

Overall, the stamped design didn’t end up the color that I was imagining, but I think I like it. I’m always happy to find more polishes that stamp well, and this was a bright, bold look that I don’t ordinarily wear. And besides, the cranberry color has reminded me that fall, my favorite time of year, is just around the corner!



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