Julep Zodiac: Cancer

The 6th polish of the Zodiac Collection is Cancer, for June 22nd – July 22nd. Cancer is a “glistening crab shell duometallic…this ethereal, soft coral was made to match your sympathetic nature.”

The online photos show Cancer to be a light, pearly pink with a clear iridescent effect, and tones of peach or melon (around the edges in the bottle shot and in the center of the dollop). The manicure photo also suggests it may shift from pale to medium pink.

Cancer had a pretty standard formula, a tad on the thick side. Despite the thickness, it applied evenly and controlled well. My only concern with this formula is how it dried. It sets quickly, so you can’t take too long to paint the nail or it will get lumpy. However, it then takes a while to fully dry, if this makes sense. I found I had to wait longer between coats than I like, but I didn’t want to apply coats too quickly and ruin the whole thing. In terms of coverage, I used three thin coats for full coverage. With an undie, or with thick coats, you could probably get away with two. I will also note that one mani used of a significant, almost obscene amount of polish. You can see the fill line in the bottle below, which is from one mani and one swatch stick. Granted, I did use three coats, but it’s a pretty low fill line nonetheless, and I’d be surprised to get more than 5-6 manis out of this bottle.

In terms of color, I was pleasantly surprised by this polish. Many people commented that it was darker than expected, so I was concerned it would be a dusty rose shade. I was pleased to find it really is a pale, seashell pink, and is not significantly different from the online swatches. The peach/melon shift does give it a slightly coral and dusty look at certain angles, with pink as the most dominant shade. The shift is very apparent, and I was able to capture both shades in a number of my pictures. The finish is somewhere between metallic and iridescent, giving the polish a reflective finish that really catches light. As a last note, I found it did not wear well, and had tip wear within a day, despite me having sealed the tips with each coat.

Color Comparisons

Because Julep does not have any other duometallics in pale pink (or duochromes, for that matter), I was pretty confident that Cancer would be fairly unique. The shift makes it a little challenging to pick exactly where in the pinks it should fall, as the peach/melon undertones make it sometimes appear to be a slightly orange leaning pink.

I did have a bit of trouble finding colors for comparison, but eventually settled on some. My assessment is that there aren’t any other pinks like Cancer. Beyond the duometallic aspect, it’s also the only really pale pink with a metallic finish besides Maria. Cancer’s iridescent aspect really makes it stand out, as a unique addition to the Julep catalog.

Overall, I feel pretty neutral about this polish. It applied well, but had a long dry time. I’m happy with the color and finish, but it didn’t wear well. I’m also concerned about the value of this polish, given how much is needed for one manicure; you’d probably only get about half as many manicures as a normal Julep. Because of these reasons, I’d have to recommend skipping this polish, and choosing another shade.



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