For the Love of Minis


Today’s post is all about giving a shout-out to minis, if only for the fact that I really like them. Mini bottles are adorable, fun, and more affordable than full size bottles. For most brands, a mini is a 5-7 ml bottle. Julep’s are even smaller at 3 ml, which is expected since their regular bottles are only 8 ml, compared to the regular size of 13-15 ml for many brands. Minis have advantages for travel and storage, and minimal downsides, in my opinion. While my collection consists of many more full size bottles than mini bottles, I’m glad I have the ones I do, and will often choose minis if they’re available.


Full Size for Scale. Why I chose bottles with fill lines is beyond me.

While not all brands offer mini polishes, most do, to varying degrees. Julep used to do minis more often but now seems to offer just one set of 12 for the year, released each holiday season. Ever After sometimes offers collections in minis, and sometimes includes them as the bonus in their monthly box. I hope that they’ll release their core line of princess polishes in minis as well (if you ladies are reading this, pretty please?). Fair Maiden generally seems to release their collections in mini sets, although it seems the minis sell out faster than the full-sized sets, and maybe aren’t restocked as often. EAMinis Joy Lacquer also seems to generally offer their collections in mini, as long as the formula allows (for example, Gum Wall wasn’t offered in a mini because of the size of the glitter, although TBH I would love to have a mini of it anyway). Another brand, Liquid Sky Lacquer, which I haven’t featured on the blog yet but will in the future, seems to offer almost every polish in mini or full size, which is a feature I love, and encouraged me to try a few bottles. My LSL collection is actually just four minis for now. Some of the other brands I use, such as ILNP and EP, don’t offer minis, but if they did, I’d probably own some. There are also some collaboration boxes that offer a mini option, which I think is great. While I haven’t purchased any, a few have been tempting, and I will when the right one comes along.

FMMinisThe price point of a mini bottle is always appealing, as they tend to cost about half as much as a full-sized bottle. Although you’re getting less polish, most of us will never use up a full bottle anyway, so it’s nice to be able to get less. It also allows you to purchase an entire collection and stick to your budget, rather than having to pick three or four of your favorites. This is especially important to me, as I love to be able to have a whole collection to blog, but want to keep my spending to a reasonable limit. If a maker offers their collection as a set of minis, I’m much more likely to buy it.

JoyMinisOne concern some people have with minis is that they’re harder to use because the brushes are smaller, but I find this is generally not a problem for me. You do have to reload (re-dip? whatever you want to say) the brush more often, but the smaller brush also offers more precision and control. I’ve found them great for nail art in particular, and have yet to use a mini brush I didn’t like. I’m generally pleased with the bottle shape as well, which often mimics the full-sized bottle. So while this could be an issue for some, I’ve found it’s just not a problem for me.


I don’t have any full-sized LSLs for comparison, unfortunately

So what was the point of this post? Really just me giving a shout out to something I like; just a few quick thoughts for Sunday night. I’m happy with my minis and won’t hesitate to add more to my collection, rather than focusing on full size bottles. Both are fine by me, but minis are undoubtedly easier on the wallet and easier to store. I don’t know how many people share my opinion, so I can’t say for certainty that offering minis is always a the best choice. But as I’m not a maker, it’s not my choice anyway. All I can do is hope (and beg) for these wonderful makers to keep making minis available. And when they’re offered, I’ll be tempted.


p.s. In perusing my collection, I realized I don’t have a single yellow mini, so if you know of a good one, let me know!


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