Julep Kay

KayBottleSometimes, you just want a mani that’s simple, neutral, and sophisticated, and that’s how I was feeling this week. After what was probably too much deliberation, I landed on Julep Kay, a warm taupe with gold microshimmer. I know I’ve already reviewed this color, but I hadn’t done a full mani with it yet, so I decided to use it anyway. And, in all honestly, there was definitely something handy about being able to look up my old review, and know it had a good formula that would cover in two coats.

After base coat, I applied two coats of Kay. As expected, it had a very smooth, easy application. It’s probably one of the best Julep formulas I have encountered in terms of ease of application. The first coat did not have full coverage, but went on evenly across the nail. After a second coat, it was completely opaque, and the dry time was standard. Kay’s finish was even, shimmery, and quite glossy. I topped with Julep’s Oxygen Performance Topcoat.

When I first reviewed Kay, I was surprised by how much pink the polish had. This time, wearing it for multiple days, I definitely noticed more of the taupe/tan shades in the polish. The pink undertone was more subtle than I originally thought. Kay leans more brown than grey, which plays off of the gold microshimmer nicely. The shimmer really adds dimension to the polish, in a very sophisticated way. It’s more than a crème (and don’t get me wrong, I love a good crème), but still elegant and simple.

Kay will definitely be a go-to polish for me when I need something clean and classy. I would recommend it as a basic staple in any collection. It’s a wonderful nude, with a little something extra. I think the only way I could be happier with it is if it dried faster or had one coat coverage, and although those are great features, I don’t miss them in this polish. There’s something about it that just makes you feel so mature and refined, in the best way. All in all, a great shade.



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