Julep July 2016 Color Comparisons

While July’s Into the Sea Collection wasn’t Julep’s best ever, I generally found it to be a solid collection with a few standout formulas and good colors. While I had a pretty easy time with most of the comparisons, I was pleased to find that the majority of the colors were still unique. It was very bright when I took my photos, so they’re a tad overexposed, but I adjusted the brightness to represent the colors as accurately as possible.


Mallory’s application really wowed me, but I wasn’t sure how it would stack up in terms of color, given that pink is Julep’s most produced color. While I didn’t have a hard time finding colors, I was pleased to find that Mallory stands out, with the exception of Anita. These two shades are quite similar, with Anita being slightly darker. Given that Anita was a limited, mini-only shade, I’m happy to see Mallory added to the collection, especially with such a great formula.


Given that there are no other light blue sheer polishes, I expected Tomi to be pretty unique. I did include the only other turquoise blue holographic, Hallie, but the two are quite different. The holo jelly finish and shade really make this one stand out, and it’s not like any other Julep.


Because the confetti-type polishes are still relatively new, I was able to compare Fleur to all of them, as well as two black polishes with reflective glitter of the same size. Although it is closest to Patti, the colors and finishes of the glitter are very unique, and Fleur is definitely different. I hope to see more color combinations offered in the confetti finish in the future.


Annalise was the most challenging in terms of finding comparisons. I was surprised, as I did not expect this purple to be that unique, but the medium saturation and true purple shade didn’t duplicate any existing colors. Kayla was closest, but still quite different. While they both have blue, Kayla leans neon and more blue, while Annalise is a subtle shade, with the added blue shimmer. Annalise is definitely a great addition to the catalog.


My first thought when I saw Eunice was, “well, there’s an Austen dupe.” Julep has made a fair amount of shimmery, duochrome, and glittery cobalt blues, so pulling comparisons was pretty fast. I was surprised to see how different Eunice and Austen were; Austen is much darker, while Eunice is a brighter, slightly less saturated blue. While it’s close to a few shades, it’s clearly something new, and doesn’t duplicate any of the existing colors.


Because Julep just released a grape purple vivid sheer in April (Shanna), I was a bit disappointed to see Camilla, a grape jelly released so soon. Camilla and Shanna were very similar. Shanna is slightly more sheer, which makes it appear a bit brighter, but overall, they’re very close. There are so many shades Julep hasn’t done in sheer or jelly, and a number of finishes that haven’t been done in this purple shade, so Camilla was a bit of a miss for me.


Sam was my least favorite part of the collection, for various reasons. This batch appears to be very close, if not identical to last year’s Sam. While Sam is a shade that hasn’t been done in any other Julep polish, it was just released last year, so as part of this collection, it merely serves as a duplicate of an existing color.

Overall, five of the seven colors in the July collection were unique, interesting additions to the the Julep catalog. While I found two of the colors to be disappointing, it’s a strong collection otherwise, and I’m happy to see another good collection for summer.




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