Joy Lacquer Trip Around the Sun Solar Trio

When I was a kid, I had this awesome plastic ring that changed colors in the sun, turning from clear to bright magenta. It was obviously one of the coolest pieces of jewelry ever. So when I saw that Joy Lacquer had a trio of solar polishes that changed color in the sun, I knew I had to have them.

The Trip Around the Sun Trio celebrates Joy Lacquer’s one year anniversary (May 28th), with names inspired by musical artists. The colors were available individually in full-sized bottles, as well as in a full-sized or mini trio. Right now, two colors are still available in full-size, and the trio is still available in mini. The three colors are Solar Power to the People, Trip Around the Sun, and Shine on You Crazy Diamond. “These colors are not jellies but are made to have an ethereal sheer feel when initially applied and will become very vibrant in the sunshine.” The site also notes that the transition will be less noticeable on cloudy days, but that topcoat will not impact the shift.

“Solar Power to the People is a pearly white with a strong green shift. Also contains green holo microglitter and green chrome flakies. In direct sun, it turns bright violet and the green chrome flakies are still visible in contrast to the violet base…Shine on You Crazy Diamond is a silvery blue holo and has a strong blue flash indoors and a light linear holo finish.  In direct sun or UV light it turns a soft magenta pink and the blue elements become very strong in contrast to the pink…Trip Around the Sun is a very pale pinkish white with silver sparkles and iridescent blue sparkles and pink chameleon micro-flecks. In direct sun or UV light it turns a deep purple-ish/sky blue color. The pink chameleon sparkles become very apparent in the blue contrasting base.”


Mid Transition, Sunlight Through a Window

I wanted to feature all three colors without painting each nail a different shade, so decided to use striping tape to divide each nail into three sections. I suppose you could say I was going for a patchwork quilt-type look. I painted each section of the pattern with a different color, in the same pattern on each nail. Maybe next time I’ll try different colors in each section, or a different design for each nail, for an even more patchwork look. I found all three formulas to be a tad on the thick side, which the site says is due to the color changing pigments. Despite this, they were all very easy to apply, and went on with smooth, even coverage. They all had a standard dry time, and I topped with Oxygen Performance Top Coat.

It’s pretty clear from the photos which are inside and which are outside in the sun. Solar Power to the People has the most extreme change, from a translucent, delicate white to a bright magenta-purple. It’s a perfect shade for summer, and the green microglitter and flakies really add dimension to the polish. They match well with the purple and the white, making this already unique polish even more interesting. Trip Around the Sun is a lovely, delicate, shimmery pink, which transitions into a medium-toned, slightly blueish purple. Inside, the pink and silver shimmer are more apparent, really making the polish sparkle. In the sun, the blue shimmer really pops and becomes more apparent, which works perfectly with the blue tones in the purple shade of the base. Shine On You Crazy Diamond has a much more subtle transition compared to the other two shades; the transition I saw for this one was lighter than the photos on the site show, but still present. It’s a very subtle, pale blue, packed with shimmer that gives it a silvery look. In the sun, it becomes a warm shade that’s pinkish white; less transition than I expected, but pleasing nonetheless. The blue shimmer really comes through either way, giving the polish a fun, but sophisticated finish.

I’m really pleased with these colors, and so glad I decided to purchase them. I’ve even been tempted to pick up a second set, as they’ve been quite a hit with both me and my family. Brother actually sported Trip Around the Sun for his first MANicure. Stay tuned for a post on that in the next week or two! Not only did Brother wear it, his wife (my sister) asked for a mani with the same color because she liked his nails so much. My other sister, who also had one of those super cool solar rings, was really excited for these polishes, and had a Solar Power to the People mani. I hope she makes more next year, because I’d love to see more shades, like a yellow that transitions to red in the sun (although I have no idea what kind of pigments are out there!). There aren’t many left in stock, but you can still pick the trio up from Joy Lacquer here, and I definitely recommend it.




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