Julep August 2016: Endless Summer


The Endless Summer Collection included:

  • 7 Nail Colors
  • No Excuses Invisible Sunscreen Gel
  • 1 New Lip Gloss in Admired

This month’s collection was a small release, with only one new product, and one new shade of lip gloss. Unfortunately, due to an unspecified issue, the new sunscreen gel was cancelled. I was really pleased with how Julep handled the issues (a big turnaround from the Lip Shade problem). They were up front about it, emailed everyone who had sunscreen in their order, replaced it with a konjac sponge, and gave a $50 credit to everyone who had ordered the sunscreen as well. I was happy to see them being transparent about the issue, and admitting to it right away. Despite the missing sunscreen, I was quite excited to recive this month’s box and all the holographic colors promised. This month, all pictures, except for the two directly below, were taken in full sunlight.


Zori (68) is a cotton candy holographic jelly polish in the Classic with a Twist profile. Zori is a soft pink with just a suggestion of purple tones. It appears to have lots of holo power.

As is my tradition with jellies and other buildable finishes, I have one coat on my ring finger (top), two on my middle finger, and three on my index finger. I found Zori had a good formula the applied easily and evenly, even with only one coat. It had an average dry time. I think it will be great as a topper with one coat, or on its own with two-three coats. Zori is a truer pink than I expected; I didn’t note any purple tones in the polish. I will be curious to see how it compares to Yiyi. The holo did not disappoint, and I was quite satisfied with all the rainbow power packed into this polish.


Stephanie (69) is the other Classic with a Twist polish, described as juicy cherry holographic. It is a bright cherry red that really pops, but doesn’t appear to have a significant amount of holographic effect. It seems more like it has silver reflective flakes, rather than holo.

Stephanie had a good formula that applied well and had an even finish. It had a slightly longer than average dry time, but had full, opaque coverage with two coats. The hot red, cherry color of this polish is absolutely perfect for the summer, and is right up my alley. I liked the reflective finish of this polish, but noted that it didn’t have much, if any holographic effect. It definitely is more of a silvery microflake look. While I was disappointed to see the shade described as holographic when it’s not, I do love reds like this, and hope they release a true red holo in the future.


Dominique (70), a hummingbird teal holographic, is the Boho Glam polish for August. It’s a vibrant, green-leaning teal, another perfect summer color. Like Stephanie, it’s described as holographic, but appeared online to have silver microflakes, more than holographic powder.

Dominique had a good formula that applied smoothly, and provided full, opaque coverage in two coats. Like Stephanie, it had a slightly longer than average dry time. I used two coats to achieve full coverage. I also note that Dominique has definite staining potential, so you’ll want to use a good base coat with it. The color is a bold, electric teal that’s both bright and deep at the same time. As I suspected, it has more of a silvery, microflake shimmer look, rather than holographic effect. While the polish does have some holographic power, it’s pretty limited, even in the sun.


Eliza (71) is a Bombshell polish, in infinite ocean holographic. It’s a bright, cobalt blue that really does appear to pack a significant amount of holographic power.

Eliza’s formula was pretty standard: easy to apply, and provided even coverage across the nail. This one had a normal dry time, and provided full coverage in two coats. Unlike some of Julep’s previous holographic polishes, this one has a shiny, rather than a matte finish. I was really impressed with the holographic effect here. It’s stronger than anything else Julep has done, and looks absolutely amazing in the sun. The shade is not too dark, and not too bright. It does not lean green or purple, but really stays a true, vibrant blue. Eliza is definitely my favorite of this collection.


Adeline (72) is an azalea blossom multidimensional shimmer in the It Girl profile. It’s the only polish not described as holographic for this month. It’s a very bright, hot pink, with silver and lighter pink (or coral?) shimmer.

Although it has shimmer, Adeline is a crème base, and it had the same application as a great crème polish. It was very smooth, simple to apply, and had full coverage in two thin coats. I had some trouble getting the shimmer to photograph, but the effect is definitely there. It’s a bright and shiny pink and silver shimmer, that plays nicely off of the hot pink shade of the base. Adeline is a very bold color, and although it’s not holographic, fits very well with the rest of this vibrant collection.


Pam (73) is the other August It Girl shade, in tigerlily holographic. It’s a traffic cone orange shade, really bold and bright. Like Stephanie and Dominique, this one appears to have more of a silvery flake effect, rather than the holographic look that’s in the description.

I’m starting to sound like a broken record: Pam had a good formula that wasn’t too thick or too thin, and was easy to use. It applied evenly and I only needed two thin coats for full coverage. It had a very standard dry time. Pam is quite bright, and really pops. If you’re not into bright, bold orange, avoid this color. As suspected, I didn’t find much if any holographic effect to this polish. It has clear shimmer and what appears to be metallic, tiny flakes, but there’s no holo to be had here. It’s a great polish, but I wish the description had been accurate.


Alysha (74) is the Wonder Maven polish for August, described as a vivid pansy holographic. In the online swatches, it appears to be a pretty true purple, with a significant holographic effect.

For the last time of this post, I will say that Alysha had a standard formula that had a really nice application (I know you’re sick of reading that, but trust me, I’m tired of writing it). It only took two coats to achieve full coverage, and the dry time was pretty average. The color has more red tones than I expected, but is still best described as purple. Alysha is on the same level as Eliza, really packed with tons of holo effect; these two are the best holos Julep has ever made. Eliza holds number one place for being blue, but Alysha is a clear second place choice.

Final Thoughts

August’s collection was full of vibrant, bright, and bold shades perfect to end the summer. Although some of the colors had a slightly longer dry time, I was pleased with all of the formulas, which applied evenly and provided full coverage. A number of the colors are, in my opinion, wrongly described as holographic, and it’s confusing as to why Julep was able to make Alysha, Eliza, and Zori so boldly holographic, but not the other three “holographic” shades. Despite this disappointment, I still do like the shades, and feel that they go together well; this collection was very well curated. The only thing missing is a great, holographic yellow to round out the collection. Someday, maybe…




3 thoughts on “Julep August 2016: Endless Summer

  1. I got Zori, Adeline, Eliza and Alysha from this collection. Really pleased with them.

    Are you still thinking about not collecting Juleps any longer?


    • I’m much happier with Julep’s response this time around, but I still am frustrated with the ULTA and QVC exclusives. More than that, there’s also the cost consideration, because it can get expensive. No matter what, I’ll probably a subscriber and pick up some of the polishes, just maybe not every single one. That being said, it will be hard to let my collection go incomplete!


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