Why Does Everyone Hate Yellow?

Dear Nail Polish World,

Why does everyone hate yellow?

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, this post will not be a surprise to you. I often comment in collection reviews, even when I really like the collection, that the only thing that’s missing is a great yellow. I love yellow; it’s probably my second favorite color. It’s bright, sunny, and cheery. Yellow is a color that’s always positive, warm, and welcoming. While it’s not everyone’s favorite color, I’ve never met anyone who actually dislikes it. Except when it comes to polish.

Okay, I understand that a sheer yellowy tan isn’t really a color many people want to feature on their nails. But there are many shades and finishes that would provide a bright, sunny color, without making nails look like they’re nude, stained, and discolored (as opposed to looking like they are in fact, painted with a yellow polish). Beyond this fear, I really can’t understand why people don’t like yellow polish. It’s not a divisive color. Personally, the only shade I have a hard time with is true green, which I enjoy as a color, but for some reason looks the most outlandish on my nails. But I still wear it anyway.


Julep Catrina, Lilou, Abbie, and Sunny

To date, Julep has produced 785 colors (including Virgo and the September 2016 Collection). Of these, only about 20 can be considered yellow. I don’t count gold or tan polishes as yellows. In 2015, only one yellow shade, Addison, was released, out of about 170 total colors for 2015. If you include Sam, you get two yellows, but it’s a very borderline yellow/green. 2016 is also on track to only feature one yellow, Adrian. Not only is the total number of yellows limited, it’s also very limited by finish. Most yellows are crèmes or shimmers, with a handful of metallics thrown in. However, there is not a single yellow glitter of any kind), sheer, jelly, fizzy, holo, holo jelly, or stardust. How great would a lemon yellow fizzy be? Great! The answer is so great!


Vapid Ostara, Ever After Peep Show, Fair Maiden Look in the Bright Side, and Fair Maiden Happy

While Julep is probably the best example, they’re not the only ones who don’t seem to share my enthusiasm for yellow shades. There’s a much smaller proportion of yellow compared to other shades in the catalogs of many indie makers as well. When I look at many of this year’s collections, there are very few yellows included, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen an individual or group custom color done in yellow. Because it seems to be an across the board standard, there’s no point in me listing makers, but I’d love to see some more great yellows out there. (Pretty please?)

The lesson? If you’re a yellow fan like me, and you find a yellow you like, buy it before it goes away, because it might be a while before the next one pops up. There are some great yellows out there, and hopefully some more good ones in the future.

What’s your favorite yellow?




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